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Trust My Paper Review from a College Student

When the studying begins, college students accumulate many tasks. I had a lot of classes starting from September, and that’s the reason I am having a hard time managing my time to finish my homework. I am a first-year college student, and I don’t have any idea of how to write all of these papers and essays correctly. For the first major assignment, I decided to ask for help from one of the special services. Now I am sharing with you my experience for other students to make the right choice and find better and more reliable writing assistance. You are welcome to read my review for

Total rating: 5/10


I typed “Write my paper online” and found this site, among others, on the results that Google proposed to me. It was not one of the first, but I was looking for the lowest price and picked this one. I was not interested in the story of the service, but I should have paid attention to it. There is no article of presentation or section about them on the website. The only information that somehow concerns Trust My Paper is under the section of Our Services.

The lack of information made me take off one star from the total rating.

Advantages and Key Features

A big plus for me, as well as for new customers, is the online calculator. I found the window immediately on the bottom of the home page. Because of this, it was very convenient to count and predict the expenses of my order. I like that my order was so cheap in the end.

TrustMyPaper Advantages and Key Features

Also, I like the design and interface. It is a very important feature of the site for a newbie. Everything is clear, and it is easy to find information here. However, I would advise developers to add a search bar on the website. It is much easier to find precisely what you need.


I didn’t find any option where I can choose the writer that I like. There is no page where you can see information about every writer, either. I looked for it, but simply could not find the profiles of the writers, where you should be able to find out about their achievements in academic writing, their experience, and their specialties. As such, I am taking off one star from the total rating because of the hidden authors.

Prices and Discounts

In this section, you can find a helpful prices review. There are individual separated sections on the toolbar. It helps new customers like me to find information on how the service measures the work. The price depends on your degree, amount of pages, deadline, and type of paper. Also, the price depends on somewhat strange criteria concerning the level of the work. They consist of entry level, professional, career change, executive, military, and federal categories. For ordinary students like me, it is complicated to find out how it affects the quality of the work.

TrustMyPaper Review Prices and Discounts

At least I quickly managed with the order form. As you see, I had a 17% discount as a new customer.


As I described earlier in this Trust My Paper review, they don’t provide a full range of services. What also is unclear concerns the selection of writers on the service. Trust My Paper gives no information about writers’ degrees. As I understood, the service chooses any available writer for my work. I did not have the option to choose the best author that suits my needs. There are also too many steps I had to make before connecting with my author. I had to pass registration, place correct details of my order, and even send payment to the service. The only opportunity to check the quality of the work is to look at the samples of papers on the website.

TrustMyPaper - Writers

There are only 20 samples. It is not enough to have a clear picture of how your work will look. I ultimately took a risk with Trust My Paper.

Gladly, I had a beautiful writer and got work that was good quality. Maybe she had completed a lot of essays before. With this vast experience, she wrote for me a history essay with a topic on how the Second World War affected the economy in Japan. She used academic language and presented accurate information.

Honestly, my writer is one of the only reasons for having any stars left in this review.

Money-Back Guarantee

If there’s a reason why you are not satisfied with your completed essay, you can ask for free unlimited revisions. Trust My Paper proposes the corrections to the customer. Then you have to make sure that all your requirements are duly met. However, in case of any arising issues, the service gives a money-back guarantee to fall back on, as they say that your cooperation with this service is truly safe. I quite doubt it, because I tried to ask them to rewrite one sentence, and they said that the issues are between just me and the writer. So, I was blamed for giving incorrect information from the beginning — a slightly disappointing situation.

Online Reputation

I paid attention to their online reputation. There was no suggestion of trouble. As you may notice in the next image, the gaps in the dates between each testimonial are too big.

All the reviews on the website were so pleasant that I perceived it as a good sign. The total number of reviews on the website is 42, as I counted. There are just nine reviews with a rating of four stars out of five. I understand now that this is slightly strange. I suppose they are monitoring and placing only good reviews on their website. I left a three-star rating review for, and they still didn’t publish it.

TrustMyPaper Online Reputation

I did find independent feedback of the service on Trustpilot. I think these reviews are more truthful, as the total rating of 4.2 points is based on 127 feedback reviews:

TrustMyPaper Review Feedback

Because of the probability of fake comments, I am taking off one star from the overall rating.

Customer Support

I felt a little bit uncomfortable when I could not find an online chat box on the website. To connect with customer support, I needed to fill the pop-up form on the site. It would be more convenient to chat with the support team immediately on the website because I would not need to enter my name and email address.

TrustMyPaper Review Customer Support

This is the reason I am taking off one more star from the total rating in this review.


First of all, I want to give thanks to this service for helping me to understand the structure of how I should write essays in the future. Now I may try to write my papers by myself from now on.

Anyway, I know how it works, and maybe I’ll be back here once again or try another service.

5 Responses

  1. Jessamyn Woodhams

    I am not so good at essays, so I am using services like this from time to time. This service disjointed me because of non-clear info about who will write your work. But as for one time, it is just OK.

  2. Haylie Holt

    If you are so disappointed, why you are paying them money?! As for me, they are scammers. I am not sure about the quality of the work they provided for me because I got a lot of questions from my teacher about an essay from this site.

  3. Hayes Wickham

    Thanks for such a detailed review. I think that there is not enough information for new customers, but the support team works great on Trust My Paper. Friendly service, and thanks for helping me with writing a couple of papers!

  4. Kynaston Kendal

    I like how Trust My Paper helps students to be on time with all these tonnes of essays. They are not expensive, but sometimes they do essays not so fast, as it was ordered. 7/10

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