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Superior Papers Review: Why I Don’t Trust Them

Rating 4/10


  • 24/7 support
  • discounts


  • high prices
  • bad online reputation
  • no plagiarism checker
  • you can’t pick a writer

Hi everyone! Usually, I don’t write reviews because I don’t have much time for it. However, I have a three-day break now, and I promised myself that I would do something good for the internet community.

The internet gives me so many awesome things — pizza, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia — and I want to pay it back.

In my Superior Papers review, I’ll describe this confusing and expensive writing service, which has given me nothing but a headache. And you’ll have a chance to decide whether they deserve your trust or not (SPOILER: probably not).

Superior Papers Review: Prices and Discounts 1/10

I’m not poor, but I’m used to planning my budget thoroughly. That’s why I was glad to see the price calculator on

calculator on

But I was not happy at all when I actually saw the prices!

Prices SuperiorPapers

No wonder they offer so many discounts — their prices are ridiculously high! Even if you order in advance, the cost will still be much higher than on other writing services.

I wasn’t happy with prices, but I never leave a website without a more thorough investigation. So, I’ve tried to take a closer look at discounts and membership programs.

Firstly, it wasn’t that easy. To find the information about membership, you have to click on the “Prices” section and then find this unnoticeable link at the bottom of the page:

Prices - SuperiorPapers

To tell the truth, this act of hiding looks quite suspicious. If your membership programs are so good that you offer them on the main page, why hide the information about them?

Unfortunately, when I found this information, it wasn’t helpful. Take a look at this screenshot:

Hiding Looks - SuperiorPapers

I admit that $10 isn’t a big difference, but why doesn’t Superior Papers provide its customers with consistent information, especially when it comes to money?

Does a “Diamond” membership program really make sense? As for me — no! Let’s suppose that it costs $60 per month and gives you a 15% discount. You’ll have to pay this service more than $400 to make this deal advantageous for you!

I don’t know how you feel about such deals, but I think that they’re made with only one purpose: to keep you on the same service without having any alternatives.

So, don’t let them trick you with this fancy picture!

Discount - SuperiorPapers

Superior Papers Review: Order Form 3/10

As you’ve already realized, I didn’t like this service at first sight. But I’m always ready to give a second chance. So, I moved on to the next step — the order form.

I won’t list all the fields, as they’re standard: type of paper, number of pages, deadline date, etc. I want to draw your attention to the fields and points that remained unclear for me:

  • Quality level offers three levels of quality — Standard, Premium, and Platinum. I would love to tell you about these levels, but I have no idea what that’s all about. I really tried, but I haven’t found any kind of information about this parameter.

Premium quality will cost you +$2 per page, and platinum quality — +$5 per page. I suggest that these features will give you a better result. But that’s just my suggestion.

  • VIP support

For $9.99, you’ll get an impressively great support service. Without it — no guarantees. At least, that’s how I understand this additional feature. Why would I pay for a customer support service that I can get automatically from any other trustworthy writing service?

  • Preferred language

And these categories are absolutely insulting. Of course, I understand the difference between US and UK English languages. But why, for Christ’s sake, do I have to pay more for UK writers? Are they smarter? Do they have higher prices? It makes no sense if you give it a second thought.

Preferred language - SuperiorPapers

  • Originality report for your paper guarantees 100% plagiarism-free samples. At the same time, they offer this additional service for $4, which will be sent two days after order completion. What’s the point? Even the existence of this extra feature makes the quality of samples on this service doubtful.

Place Your Order - SuperiorPapers

Superior Papers Review: Customer Support 7/10

You can find contact information on the main page of the website:

Customer Support - SuperiorPapers

Superior Papers’ customer service works 24/7, and you may ask questions about the service at any time. Also, on the main page, you can see the chat where you may apply to a customer support manager.

Customer Support Manager

Superior Papers Review: Online Reputation 1/10

After everything that I’d found out (or hadn’t found out) about this service, I was sure that I would never order anything from them. However, I wanted to know what other internet users think about Superior Papers.

In short, I wasn’t surprised at all. The number of negative comments and testimonials speaks for itself. Just take a quick look at all this feedback:

Online Reputation - SuperiorPapers

Feedback - SuperiorPapers

As you can see, the number of unhappy customers is quite disturbing. Internet users blame Superior Papers for late delivery, poor quality of samples, and rude customer service. Who would want to pay a company that doesn’t care about its clients?

Superior Papers Review: Conclusion and Recommendations

Each time I face a writing service like this on the internet, I get really upset. When students look for paper help, they want to get a better grade and professional writing assistance. Instead, they get poorly written samples, late delivery, and no chance to get their money back.

I don’t recommend Superior Papers because its disadvantages far outweigh a few benefits. Good luck with looking for another writing service!

5 Responses

  1. Ellen

    I ordered from this service once, and I don’t want to make this mistake again. Late delivery = zero for a paper! Plus, there were no excuses at all.

  2. Joe

    Why does nobody control writing services? The only way for me to learn more about their pros was to read reviews and comments on the internet. Thank God, some people have time to write them.

  3. Max L.

    They offered me to finish my ten-page (!) paper in 6 hours… How did they suppose to do that? Magic? Sacrifices?

  4. Louise

    it seems like I have no chance to find a reliable writing service…

  5. Vera

    PRICES ARE TOO HIGH! Especially for poor quality and bad customer service.

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