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RushEssay Review: Not Great at All

I don’t even know where to start. RushEssay was a total surprise for me and not in a good way. Let’s start at the very beginning.

Every time I try a new writing service, I have a list of criteria to help me define the quality of the service:

  • prices
  • order form
  • writers
  • customer feedback (on the site and on the internet)
  • blog
  • content on the website
  • policies
  • money-back guarantee
  • contact information
  • customer support

I recommend you to save this list and use it for your own research. Anyway, my Rush Essay review is based on these points (at least in part).

Let’s start from the obvious shortcomings and then dig a bit deeper.

Rush Essay Review: The First Impression

The main page of any website should contain essential and truthful information about the product or service. It should be attractive and user-friendly. But not in the case with RushEssay:

The First Impression - RushEssay

Their main page is a clash of colors and many different fonts. It hurts my eyes, but it’s not the biggest problem.

In the section labeled “Worldwide Authority,” they cite four reputable (and rather irreputable) sources that write about their service: The Huffington Post, Uloop, Elite Daily, and Stanford.

Firstly, The Huffington Post and do not even have the quoted articles. RushEssay has taken two random excerpts and two random reputable sources to create the impression of credibility.

RushEssay in The Press

Secondly, Uloop doesn’t mention RushEssay at all — they’ve simply posted a paid link in the article:

Paid Link - RushEssay


Finally, Elite Daily mentions RushEssay in an unflattering light.

Elite Daily mentions - RushEssay

At that point, I should have stopped and never returned to a service that posts decisive citations on the main page.

But I didn’t.

Rush Essay Review: Website’s Content

When I want to check the quality of potential samples, I check the content that’s posted on the website.

In the case with RushEssay, I had no chance to check the blog samples because this service doesn’t have a blog (another red flag!). That’s why I’ve checked my favorite FAQ section.

FAQ section - RushEssay

As for me, these are not great examples of the content that should be posted on the pages of a writing service. If they don’t care about their own pages, what happens to their clients’ papers?

Rush Essay Review: Writers

When you order services online, you want to know who will provide them, and whether this specialist is qualified enough. You might want, at least, to read the recommendations and feedback left by previous customers.

Unfortunately, RushEssay doesn’t give such an opportunity to its potential clients. They have no ratings for writers and no information about their employees on the website. The only piece of data that I’ve managed to find is the following short excerpt in the FAQ section:

Excerpt in the FAQ - RushEssay

There is nothing concrete said about the hiring process or quality control. As for me, this answer isn’t enough to feel 100% confident about the qualifications of RushEssays’ writers.

Also, in the order form, I noticed two nuances that don’t contribute to a positive impression of this writing service.

Although RushEssay has really high prices, they don’t guarantee that your work will be written by an ENL writer. They don’t even guarantee that it would be of acceptable quality. You’ll have to pay an extra fee both for an ESL premium writer and for an ENL premium writer:

ENL premium writer - RushEssay

In addition, UK writers cost more than US writers. I’ve seen the same price difference on other writing services, and I still don’t get it. For me, it sounds like an attack on US national pride.

And one last thing: RushEssay claims that the majority of their writers are from America, England, and Canada.

RushEssay - Review

So why does ordering from these specialists cost more than ordering from other writers if they constitute the majority of their employees anyway? This inconsistency is suspicious.

Rush Essay Review:

RushEssay has unreasonably high prices. You can calculate your price with the help of the following table.

Pricing - RushEssay

And that’s not the end: in the ordering form, they offer additional features and services for an extra fee:

 Extra Fee - RushEssay

By the way, if you want to work with the same writer, you’ll also have to pay an additional 20%. RushEssay is certainly not for people who want to buy a sample for an affordable price.

Rush Essay Review: Customer Feedback

If you want to learn the truth about a writing service, you shouldn’t read the comments left by its customers present on the website, because no service will post negative testimonials on the main page. There is one exception: when customers leave comments about their work with a particular writer.

As a rule, a writing service has hundreds of employees, so it’s almost impossible to control all the testimonials. In such a way, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the writer who provides really good samples.

On the website of RushEssay, I haven’t found these kinds of comments. That’s why I decided to google “rush essay com review.” Here is the result:

Customer Feedback - RushEssay

It doesn’t look great, right? I never rely on one source, but if four sources provide the same negative feedback then something is probably wrong.

Rush Essay Review: Conclusion

I don’t have anything else to add — you’ve read everything by now. RushEssay is a writing service that doesn’t deserve my trust. They don’t share information about their writers, and the feedback on the internet is negative. This service has high prices and, at the same time, doesn’t guarantee quality unless you pay an extra fee for a “Premium” writer.

I don’t see how this service can blame their competitors for deceptive practices if RushEssay uses the same techniques. I don’t recommend using this service, and I can’t say how it could be attractive in any way.

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  1. lucy111

    So many negative rushessay reviews… How do they find clients?? Who are these people????

  2. Jake N.

    Wow, those prices! I don’t even know what to choose: a 5-page essay from this service or food for a week. Just kidding — these guys are insane.

  3. Lavanda

    Their customer support manager was really rude to me. I wanted to ask whether I could return money for my order because it had been delivered late. And this horrible woman told me that I had no right to ask for a refund!

  4. Alex Johnson

    After such rushessay reviews, I don’t even know where to order my papers… I don’t have time to do them by myself!

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