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Ordering homework help from student services, customers often hesitate about cooperating with them. In this article, I want to share with you information on eight platforms where you can find a reliable specialist for your project. I’ve tried them as a student, and I found them advantageous in their own way. In my review, you can find the essentials on the order process, discounts, revisions, types of services, and other interesting facts on each website. Learning which service has more benefits for you will simplify your search so you can easily make a decision.

Impressive statistics

assignmentshark review
Friendly assistance

Asking AssignmentShark, “do my homework,” students get fast support that meets their requirements. It is easy to find an expert on any discipline you need and ask for revisions during the writing process. Based on customers’ testimonials presented on the home page, I can understand that students are happy with the professionalism and fast response on issues. This makes AssignmentShark a customer-oriented service that can attract even more students who need educational help.

Covers a wide range of subjects

Visiting AssignmentShark, it is hard to believe how many disciplines with which experts are ready to help you. Buy assignment help on math, astronomy, accounting, statistics, chemistry, economics, and many more. Still, while this website is more oriented for technical tasks, you can always ask for help on such subjects as architecture and finance as well.

This feature helps students to stay with this service in a long-term perspective. Universality makes them feel confident they can find a reliable specialist for any class. As for me, it is great to have experienced writers in each subject and choose the one who can provide online assignment help from an idea to a full project.

Easy order process

The ordering procedure is very simple, even for first-time visitors: all you need is to leave your email and select a discipline. After your short form is ready, you are redirected to a detailed one where you can mention citation style, number of pages, type of paper, and even upload additional materials.

When writers see your request, they send you bids if they are ready to process it. At this stage, you can easily make your choice and start cooperation. I noticed how useful it is to have access to a 24/7 online chat with my writer. You can keep in touch if there are some inconsistencies to clarify. This detail is crucial for students who need assignment help.

Transparent pricing policy

The payment process at this website is very comfortable and secure. All you need is to book your writer with the necessary amount. It will not be charged from your account until you approve the full order. Also, you can pay for finished parts that you’ve checked up, and they totally satisfy you. Overall, the prices here are reasonable, and you’ll never be charged for extra services.


Order with AssignmentShark

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.



getcodinghelp review

Great online reputation

When I used to do my programming homework, I decided to see online reviews. Mostly, students who’ve tried the GetCodingHelp service were happy with the cooperation and results. All works were finished in time, and no conflicts were tracked. Actually, asking for help at this website, I am not surprised with the overall positive image. Moreover, everyone marks great communication with their experts and open support managers. They work 24/7 and answer within a couple of minutes on your request concerning assignment help online, even if it is late at night.

Money-back guarantee

I needed to do my homework, but I couldn’t finish it without a specialist’s help. Before ordering on this website, I clarified the possibility of getting my money back if something went wrong. The support manager answered that there was no place for worries, and the service provided a full refund. You can also request a partial refund if your order is late on delivery. All because some projects demand more time from writers than customers mention in their instructions. Therefore, to let the writer process your order efficiently, think carefully about the time you set in the instructions.

Free revisions

Programming assignment help is a service in high demand on this website. Consequently, experts rarely make mistakes here. Still, we are all humans, so if you find some flaws in your project, ask for corrections instantly. Your specialist will improve any inconsistencies until you are delighted. For example, you can request free revisions from your writer. When I asked for algebra homework help, my writer had revised parts of the equation when I asked to show a solution with a different option.

Many types of services

If you need to get coding homework help, this website is excellent for covering such topics. Also, you can ask for assistance on any other computing science subjects as software engineering, Cybersecurity, computing technology, and computer graphics. At GetCodingHelp, specialists cover editing and rewriting processes so you can freely ask to check your code fragment and order improvements for it. When you need to search for a writer, you can open the Our Experts page and get acquainted with information about completed orders, customer feedback, awards, and other essential details. Freely call for help, “do my assignment,” and you’ll find the perfect matching specialist for your project.


Order with GetCodingHelp

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


Attractive design

What I noticed first when I visited this website is a well-designed page. I like how information is organized here. I can clearly see sections such as prices, guarantees, information about the service, and contact page. Bright and attractive elements help to separate important details and easily understand where to click.

With a clear design, I can find out that there are more than 300 experts who will process orders. Those who want to use this homework help service for the first time can easily get assistance instantly because there are nearly 178 active specialists who are ready to cooperate now.

Proven benefits

When I see that the website presents quality checks and 24/7 online support, I instantly trust this service. Several times I had tight deadlines for my projects, so I needed help to do my assignment. With MyCodingHomework, I got a custom coding project with an original approach. It is easily explained by the high-level experience of coding experts customers cooperate with.
My specialists explained all my works on Objective-C, Swift, and TypeScript well. I even didn’t worry about who the system had assigned to me because I know that every specialist has passed several tests before taking orders. The MyCodingHomework team also mentions it on their website:

mycodinghomework review

Extra tools

I was pleasingly surprised with access to an online calculator. You don’t even need to register or sign in, and it matters for people who want to place an order as a newbie. Simply add to the application form the type of paper, academic level, and number of pages and get the total price calculated instantly in the table below.
Once you’ve worked on your project with your specialist and need to ask for improvements, you can do it without extra charges. Therefore, by buying an assignment from MyCodingHomework, you can stay confident with the completed order matching your instructions 100%.

Fast and safe

MyCodingHomework is one of the most transparent homework help services where students can ask for help even when they are experienced in coding. As you know, every language has a lot of updates in the blink of an eye, so it is essential to keep your hand on it. Consequently, specialists at this website are practicing coders who can improve your academic knowledge with facts from the real world.

At this website, customers can be confident their academic integrity will not be harmed. When you place an order and provide full payments, your money transactions are encrypted, and all data is safe.


No matter what academic level or subject is the most overwhelming for you, you can always find reliable homework help online. I used these services when I had faced really challenging times during my education. I hope, based on my reviews, you’ll find a preferable one and succeed in your studies no matter what.


Order with MyCodingHomework

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


I always pay attention to customers’ feedback because they never lie:

Reading this, I understood who would help me to do my assignment. Then I decided to read other information because I am detail-oriented. As a computing science student, I need to check every detail, and writing services are no exception. At AnswerShark, I’ve found that there are so many benefits, I could get lost.

answershark reviews

With this screenshot, I want to show you how much useful information the company has prepared for potential customers. Indeed, developers could have placed it in a more readable position, but it is a trivial issue compared to the benefits you get when buying an assignment from this service.

Easy to place an order

Beyond writers’ bids, all I need is to fill in two application forms. In the short one, I mention my email, type of paper, length, and deadline. With this step, I create an account automatically and receive a confirmation letter in my email. After this, I include all things I need in the instructions: paper format, topic, discipline, and academic level.

After I send my order to the system, it is published for writers. The more details I add to the instructions, the sooner I get bids from a specialist who most likely meets my requirements. Then I can easily contact my specialist to get reliable college homework help and track the order process on the go.

Extra services

At AnswerShark, you can get a wide range of services: from chemistry homework help to editing and rewriting creative essays and book reviews. Here you can find extended coverage of subjects. Even if I mostly look for technical disciplines to do my Java homework lately, I know how it could be beneficial for humanities students to find specialists in such fields as business, history, literature, visual arts, social media, education, writing, law, and social psychology.

Big selection of writers

I was surprised by the top writers’ ratings. Here you can find specialists with more than 5,000 successfully finished orders! Most of all, I like the usability of the writer’s page, where I can sort writers by rating, order experience, and disciplines.

Ability to choose payment options

What I most like about this service is that customers here can pay through safe payment systems. For example, you can top up your account on the website and then pay from the balance or send money directly from the order page using ApplePay, CardPay, or SolidGate. All transactions provided with these systems are encrypted.


Order with AnswerShark

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


Great reviews on Sitejabber

Sitejabber is an independent platform where you can track other customers’ reviews and see what homework help service you choose.

stemhave review

Despite a total rating of 3.25 stars, I’ve decided to focus on good ones, and I made the right decision. For my physics homework, I received a better grade than I expected. Also, I consider it is challenging to meet everyone’s expectations, so this rating totally satisfied me.

Bright design

As for a website with an emphasis on helping with technical issues, it has a great design solution. It attracted me, and I decided to look at each page to detect whether visual elements match this website’s well-presented information. Actually, here I got a rich understanding of how to place an order and get programming help online.

Great process explanation

When I asked for Java assignment help, I was assigned one of the most flexible specialists I have had. We were chatting, and I explained my pain with threads and executors in concurrency. My expert provided an in-depth explanation, so I understood how to solve many further tasks independently. Also, if you need to improve other subjects, you can always send instructions and get assignment help on another discipline.

Strong guarantees

Sticking to ethical principles is one of the highest demands for me when looking for a college homework help website. Here, I’ve found terms and conditions which every writer strictly adheres to. First of all, at this website, your confidentiality is placed in the highest security. The next equally important point is the ability to get a refund if you face some issues. Still, I’ve never seen information about other customers who were not satisfied with the online assignment help they got at StemHave.

Always to the point

If you hesitate to ask for assignment help online, you can easily understand how it works at this website. The overall delivery method is surprisingly good here. Even first-time visitors can understand the principles of cooperation and see specific advantages or disadvantages for them.

As for me, it is vital to understand how to manage my orders and what I can do in case of some unpredictable circumstances. On this website, I placed a second order for math homework help and got a fast delivery. The writer finished it even earlier than I expected, so I had time to prepare for my class.

Order with Stemhave

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


Total confidentiality

I like this service because I don’t need to reveal my real name or the place I study to get Java assignment help. I am sure it plays a central role for other students as well. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you are located – AssignmentsThePensters are always here to the rescue. All transactions are encrypted with trustworthy payment systems, so you don’t need to worry about your banking details leaking when paying for your order.

Bidding system

Here, I can choose a specialist to do my programming homework on any subtopic. Moreover, when you need to get accounting homework help or a mechanical engineering essay, you have a wide selection of experts. With the bidding system, I feel more confident I’ve made the right choice of writer. The main responsibility for customers is to depict their order instructions accurately. Remember to pay close attention to it because this will help writers evaluate their possibilities if your topic is too difficult. Still, I noticed that there were no orders left without the writer’s attention.

Additional features

assignments.thepensters review

I also took note of the special tools at this service, which I used with pleasure. A free online plagiarism checker helps me track unoriginal content in my works no matter if I wrote it or I got a sample from my writer. A citation generator is beneficial for inserting in-text citations in my text when I write argumentative essays.

100% originality

Asking for an economics essay or astronomy homework, you can stay confident your work will not be disclosed as a sample somewhere else. The same concerns previous orders: even when your writer used to process the same topics, they will represent your project from a different angle. Moreover, specialists format papers following all citation and references list guidelines you include in your order instructions.

An ultimate service to upgrade your knowledge

Based on the wide range of subjects this service covers, you can ask not only for programming help online but also on humanities. I have many friends from the history faculty that I have recommended to visit this service. I used to look for MATLAB homework help in the first year, and I found here a great specialist. I could continue asking my expert for help, but my MATLAB classes are over.


Order with Assignments.ThePensters

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


Certified experts

When I thought, “Where can I find a specialist to help me do my Java homework?” the answer came easily because my friend recommended me to visit AssignmentCore. I like to cooperate with certified experts because it lets me feel confident about the high quality of completed orders.

AssignmentCore review

Moreover, you can order a tutor to thoroughly explain your subject you have an issue with. When you feel you don’t get enough attention from your teacher in class, or there are too many other students that you feel uncomfortable to clarify some difficulties, professional programmers are here to cover all your questions.

Affordable prices

It is easy to get algebra homework help or any other calculations for a reasonable price here. All order prices depend on the deadline, academic level, and amount of pages you set in the instructions. My personal recommendation is to place an order in advance because you could overpay for urgency. Still, AssignmentCore keeps a transparent pricing policy, so you know you pay for high-quality task solutions.

High code quality

When you need to get not only MATLAB homework help but also assistance on such languages as Python, C++, Excel Java, Database, Excel, JavaScript, HTML, C#, Visual Basic, MySQL, VBA, Ruby, and Scala, you can be sure of the significant experience of specialists who work at AssignmentCore. Even I didn’t realize how fast I would get a solution from my expert and how concise it was. If I knew of this service sooner, I would have ordered accounting homework help for a great problem I had in the first semester.

Inspired with reviews

Specialists at this platform have finished 121,204 orders, and this number is impressive. Before ordering math homework help in the first year of study, I read customer feedback, and I was impressed by how positive they were. Indeed, it is easy to fail when you place an order for the first time, so trusting one or two reviews is not a big deal. In any case, after placing orders on various platforms, I am now an experienced student, always open to trying new places.

AssignmentCore reviews
Read these testimonials yourself to see how customers are satisfied with their assignments. Based on my experience, I also leave great feedback only when I am happy with the process, and if something goes wrong, I just ask for my money back and never return to those places. Luckily, AssignmentCore exceeded my expectations!

Order with AssignmentCore

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


Attractive look

When professional coders like me see this website, they will definitely like it. I stayed here to ask for coding homework help based on the first visual impression. Before reading the details of cooperation, I trusted the design, and I was not mistaken. User-friendly design tells about how seriously specialists take potential customers’ attention. It leaves a positive imprint for a further positive brand label.

AssignCode review

When I see the beauty in the details of a successful marketing tool, it is more about informativeness for me. The more transparently the writing company depicts its features for customers, the more credible the cooperation process awaits them.

The one inconsistency

Actually, I wouldn’t say I like to complete several forms, and here, to place an order, I need to pass through two applications. It extends the ordering process and takes more time than I expect. Still, I don’t think it is a significant flaw to get high-quality essay examples for humanities or even programming assignment help. Conversely, I understand, the more details I provide, the easier it will be for a writer to understand the order’s requirements.

Lots of advantages

Reasonable and fixed prices, excellent online reputation, and a wide range of services make this website one of my favorite among other student services. Here, work specialists are ready to cover such tasks as mechanical engineering essays, calculations, astronomy homework, lab reports on biology, or chemistry homework help.
I like the opportunity to release money for the finished parts of my order. This means I don’t need to pay in advance. Also, if my writer doesn’t understand something, I can easily clarify instructions for them in a private chat.

Proper formatting

Usually, students ask for help with such formats as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or APA. At AssignCode, writers can apply any formatting style and work with your references list or in-text citations following formatting guidelines. Even if you are a technical student, you still might need to arrange sources you used at the end of a physics homework project or economics essay, and your expert will easily manage it.

Formatting saves your work from plagiarism, so at this website, writers make sure to list authors of cited sources properly. Even when I asked for a code fragment and a standard character set, I knew that the coding expert didn’t just copy-paste it. Here, specialists work with code from scratch and work individually with each request.


Order with AssignCode

Receive fast writing help from our team any time you need it.


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