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Premieressay: The Inspiration Has Run Dry

My Rating: 5/10

When you have just had an unnerving encounter with a subpar academic writing company like Premieressay, your faith in reputable and reliable online writing assistance fades away. To be honest, I had really high hopes for this organization, so it was disappointing finding out it was just providing another shady scheme typical of online companies with the mission to capitalize on customers’ trust.

The performance of this third-rate service was at odds with my standards and expectations, disrupting my then favorable image of this controversial industry. And, in order not to seem glib and pretentious, I’ll provide a more profound account of how I ended up going ballistic on this writing organization.

Service Overview: Nothing to Admire

Premieressay is an overrated writing company delivering low-quality services and products. This service demonstrates severe negligence for the proper norms and principles in providing assistance to the customer. And while many second-rate companies at least try to make a favorable impression on the customer by tailoring their website to the latest design trends, Premieressay doesn’t seem to take care of this important aspect of a service’s image and reputation, either. Offering a rather rich assortment of academic services, the company’s “experts” fail to make them high-quality and satisfactory.

How Legit Is the Pricing?

PremierEssay Review Pricing

I’d like to begin criticizing this seemingly trustworthy company in terms of the accepted measurements of integrity and reputability. The first thing I wanted to mention here is that the pricing form is quite neat and comprehensible. And this is the only benefit of Premieressay’s pricing culture, if this can be the right way to describe this fraudulent scheme. The company adopts an outrageous policy of prices, which runs counter to the acceptable standards and rules of the market. For example, a high school essay developed within two weeks will cost you $12.99 per page! This is an extremely large amount to pay for a single page, especially given the terrible quality you’ll receive at the end.

Is the Help Professional?

PremierEssay Review Is the Help Professional

Aside from its peculiar pricing policy, the company disappoints its clients with the low quality of assistance it provides. I was upset with my essay in biology – it was written with total disregard. The writer proved to be incapable of generating a satisfactory piece of scholarly writing. The person who wrote my essay had no evident academic background in my discipline, lacking the aptness in finding the right approach to the writing process in terms of its scholarly value.

But what did make a good impression on me about my mediocre biology essay was the writer’s English. They demonstrated quite strong English skills, along with an adeptness in employing literary language rich in elaborate constructions and beautiful stylistics. Thus, my paper featured a sharp contrast between the language and academic elements.

The 90s-Esque Design

Now, let’s go back to this striking feature of Premieressay’s website I mentioned in the beginning of this review. The ill-conceived design of the company’s website does resemble the primitive style of web design that was widely adopted in the late 90s. The combination of red and gold, which are symbolic colors for the company, are displayed on every web page, including the homepage. As for me, choosing these particular colors as the markers of a company’s image is pretty trite and unoriginal.

What also seemed wrong with Premieressay’s website was its disorganized structure. The homepage showcases a confusing array of information blocks that are presented in a messy way. Unlike many other writing services, this one provides the testimonials to its performance right under its footer, which is more inconvenient rather than unique. There are many other poorly structured sections that this website displays and which make it difficult to get to the core information every user must be looking for.

My Verdict

Yes, I happened to be a naive student seeking professional academic help, and ended up facing a sequence of unpleasant experiences as a client of this overestimated organization. Premieressay doesn’t match the highly held image of a top-notch writing company that can provide students with proper assistance in fixing their studying pains. This company does need to take it down a notch, as its bizarre standards and values are different from what is considered to be worthy of attention in the academic writing industry.

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  1. Rebecca

    I ordered my thesis from them and was pretty satisfied with the prices, but startled by the quality of my paper. The professionalism and dedication are totally alien concepts to these idlers. I demanded I had my refund and they gave in))

  2. Ginnao

    Been trying to request my bucks back after receiving that mess from the writer. Still waiting(((((

  3. Tophae95

    Guys, don’t waste you time here, there’s plenty of really good stuff on the web

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