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Payforessay Review Main Page Review: This Is Where All the Glory Ends

My Rating: 4/10

Here’s how I’d like to commence this Payforessay review. Dealing with Payforessays, a highly promoted writing organization with a questionable future, was a dreadful experience for me. As soon as I learned that my custom paper in linguistics shared hardly anything with a properly developed and professionally organized piece of academic writing, I started lambasting myself for being so imprudent about choosing this service to order a paper from.

As self-loathing as I was after discovering that my paper proved to be a mess, I now perfectly realize that it’s not about the sagacity or carefulness required of a customer. Nor is it about their ability to sense that there could be some deception hiding beneath the flowery language and fancy design of a company’s website. Credulous by nature, we are easily trapped into a seemingly legit scheme we stumble upon online, which later turns out to be just another sham. I decided to write this review to raise awareness of this problem in today’s online writing industry, and, along the way, inform you of the experience you might be subjected to if you choose this particular organization.

So, What Is This Company About?

Beautifully presented on its well-developed website, this company claims to provide students with excellent academic assistance for reasonable prices. Payforessay covers an extensive variety of disciplines, assuring the user of the unparalleled quality they can receive exclusively with this organization. On its website, the company makes sweet promises, showcases its “brilliant” writers, and surreptitiously inserts trending keywords for the sake of being spotted by Google. Wow, what an impressive assortment of tools Payforessay adopts to stay afloat in this over-competitive and ruthless industry!

Now, let’s dissect this scam service by taking a look at each major element of my distressing experience with it.

Abject Quality

Payforessay Review Abject Quality

This is the main defining part of the writing assistance provided by any company. And, in my case, this fundamental element was the worst thing about my order. The quality I received from this company resembled that of a school essay written by some fashionista crazy about cheerleading. The writing was shallow and unprofessional, and the academic breadth of the paper suggested that it was developed by a person who had no academic background in the discipline.

As for the writer’s English skills, they were below intermediate. Throughout the writing, the person employed rather rudimentary and inappropriate language constructions and the basic vocabulary of a mediocre English learner. Moreover, the writer failed to develop correct sentence construction as if tracing the word order and sentence structure from their native language, which definitely wasn’t English.

Excessive Pricing

The company doesn’t limit its outrageous approach to assisting clients to the quality of its products. The prices this service features are as astounding as the quality its writers provide. Yes, just so you know, my lazily created paper cost me an arm and a leg! The pricing policy this company adopts once again corroborates its illegitimacy and the unfair way it treats customers.

By setting such unacceptable prices on its substandard products, Payforessay severely ignores the common rules and regulations established by the market. For example, a PhD-level paper written in the same day will cost you as much as $53.43 per page! Now, you do the math and calculate the sum you’ll end up paying for a dissertation having 100 pages, the length this type of academic papers normally requires.

Odd Impression of the Support Department

Why does the experience I had with Payforessay’s support team make me think of it as odd? It is simply because it didn’t drive me crazy, and hence was the only favorable thing about this service. Yes, the support reps of this service did a good job, matching my image of a hard-working and committed support department any online organization would be proud to have. The support workers were very compassionate to my problems and pretty tolerant to the angry manner of expressing my strong dissatisfaction with the received order. I was utterly astonished at the affection and fondness that a worker can have to a random customer raging about how terrible the company’s performance is. And I’m really pleased to realize that some “servants” of the consumerist world still prioritize pure humane values over business matters.

My Verdict My Verdict

My experience with this third-rate organization did put me in harm’s way, making me suffer substantial financial loss and develop total distrust for the academic writing industry. The company’s authorities have very little understanding of what it means to run a credible and transparent business with dignity and integrity. In this regard, I can’t recommend this company to you.

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  1. Alicia20

    What a hype encompassing this great fraud! The organization is famous for no reason((

  2. Boris

    I can relate to this Payforessay review. I ordered my paper from this company. The writer missed the deadline and didn’t follow my requisites. I asked for a refund, but was denied it. Then, I just pulled the plug and found a normal writing team

  3. Sergio

    I just realized the relevance of this Payforessa review((( The writer has been through the same as me

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