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PaperHelp Review – Why You Should Steer Clear

PaperHelp is a writing service that does not provide quality work. The service even may have a negative effect on students’ success, as they are not provided with an opportunity to get good grades. I decided to write this PaperHelp review because I wanted to figure out why there are so many unsatisfied people who have used this service.

PaperHelp Review

The Main Negative Points

The reputation of PaperHelp is probably the main disadvantage. Buying a paper there, you understand that you are NOT insured against unexpected failure due to the fact that they do not really care about the quality of their papers. Among other negative points, I highlight:

  • Fake testimonials on the site
  • The absence of a blog with helpful guides and samples
  • An inconvenient ordering form
  • Low-quality performance from writers
  • The claim of a money-back option without actually providing money back

The cost of papers is embarrassing, especially if you look at prices of PhD-level papers. The minimum price of a paper is $12, but it will fit only high school level. The prices are pretty high considering the fact that the quality is poor.


PaperHelp is primarily a service for ordering essays, but the site also offers help with other types of papers. The service offers the following set of writing services:

  • Essay writing
  • Creative writing
  • Help with a lab report
  • Review writing
  • Poster presentation (what?)
  • Research paper writing
  • Term paper writing

Services - PaperHelp

Unfortunately, the service has a description only for their essay writing services. Some services available in the order form are not quite understandable. No one wants to play a game of chance. For example, what do they mean by poster presentation? Moreover, in many PaperHelp reviews it is said that the quality of their services is low.

How It Works

PaperHelp has a page where they show how their service works. There are several things that put me out of countenance. They say that they scan papers to check the originality, but how can customers see that? For customers, it is very important to see that the paper is absolutely unique. Moreover, the ordering form is quite long and takes a lot of time to complete. By the way, if you want to get a plagiarism report, you can mention it in the order form. However, you will pay about $9 more.

Privacy Policy

The service claims that they collect the personal data of their customers only for legal reasons. I don’t believe this, to be honest. One of the reasons is that they want to provide customers with the service they request. But how does collecting personal data relate to providing service? Why don’t they do it without my personal data? I can’t be sure that I won’t get spam from them or from some third parties. Actually, all of the reasons listed there are pretty ridiculous. You can see for yourself.


On the site, it is said that support works around the clock. For communication, you can use chat, Skype, Messenger, phone, and e-mail. When trying to connect to the support service via chat, you will see that you need to mention your e-mail. So, if I have doubts about whether to use this site or not and need to ask some questions, why should I type my e-mail?

Support - PaperHelp


As I have mentioned above, the cost for the simplest essay starts from $12. When looking at the prices, I was unpleasantly surprised. Their prices are not suitable for average students. By the way, the information on prices says that the smallest price for a high school essay is $10, but when I was filling in an order form, I saw that the price for such a paper is $12. Not a big difference, but still it is unpleasant.

Prices - PaperHelp

Moreover, at first, it seems that there is no danger for buying papers here, because they present a great function of receiving your money back in case you are not satisfied. But the bitter truth is that you won’t get your money back. Look at countless PaperHelp org reviews on the internet and you will see that customers could not use this opportunity. This is a big problem and they need to solve it.


Testimonials should perform one main task — providing customers with truthful opinion. Among the testimonials on PaperHelp, there is no truth to be found. All of them look robotic like they were not written by real people. Moreover, we all know that there is no such service that would have 100% positive feedback. If you look on the internet, you will see the true opinion about this service. Usually, customers complain about high prices, low quality of papers, and the inability to get money back in case the paper is written not in the right way.


PaperHelp is a service that offers poor writing assistance. It doesn’t occupy a good position in the market. Lots of paper help reviews show that customers have had bad experiences using this site. I believe that this service is not suitable for customers if they want to get quality papers and not pay lots of money. The prices are higher than on other similar services.

New customers will quickly become disillusioned with PaperHelp, getting papers that will receive bad grades from their teachers. Users who have already tried it will definitely not come back again, as they know that nothing good can come from this service.

I rate this service 4 of 10.

5 Responses

  1. Emillie Mcgowan

    It’s the worst format I’ve ever used. The writers are even lack proper English writing. Unprofessional!

  2. Rickie

    They are the worst!!! I paid more than $600 and ended up getting ripped off. The writer couldn’t get it right. I connected to support to find out why my paper was written by a child. The writer revised my paper, but I gor a paper with nothing revised there! ??? Of course, I didn’t submit it and they didn’t refund my money. SCAMS!

  3. Mila-Rose Carr

    I gave them all instructions, but they caoul not write me a paper I wanted. Be prepared to get a low grade.

  4. Hareem

    I had one paper done by them without any problems. But the second paper, oh boy, had so many errors. Ordering with these guys is the worst decision in my life.

  5. LuLu

    I ordered a paper for my ethics class and ended up receiveing an F. So, I can say that this review is true.

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