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NinjaEssays Review: Should You Believe the Service?

It’s easy for students to get confused when they are selecting a writing service to use. From a visually attractive site, a writing service can quickly turn into a horrible trap providing low-quality papers. It happens especially often to students who are trying a writing service for the first time. I decided to share knowledge of one particular low-quality writing service. I have experienced the disadvantages of NinjaEssays and will discuss them in detail on the following NinjaEssays review.


I can say that NinjaEssays don’t keep their promises. They don’t succeed in providing quality writing help, but they don’t admit it and will not try to correct the situation. They will not take responsibility for the work they provide. I will show you how they treat their customers. Everyone should be strict in choosing a writing service, and I will tell you why this service is not a good option.

Is NinjaEssays Legit?

As a student who needs writing help, you want to find a legit writing service. If you think that nothing bad will happen in dealing with NinjaEssays, you are wrong. I think that their writers do not have the writing skills required to be real professionals. Delivering papers with plagiarism and mistakes is a huge mark against their legitimacy. As such, if you don’t want to lose the opportunity to get a quality paper, find other, more legit writing services.


The first thing a potential customer should do is to find out whether the writing service provides acceptable privacy and confidentiality policies. “Anonymous order and 100% privacy” is not a phrase that corresponds to reality. It is so enraging when you see that the service talks about full anonymity and then you open the order form and see that they require you to fill in you first and last name, e-mail, and contact phone. If they lie about anonymity, they probably lie about the safety of using their service as well.


NinjaEssays Review Prices

The most depressing thing that I want to talk about in this review is their prices. If you don’t have any income or simply don’t want to spend lots of money, NinjaEssays is not suitable for you. All students want to get a quality paper, but without wasting a lot of money. This writing service does not focus on providing affordable writing help.

Their Customers’ Opinions

If you don’t understand whether the service is good or not, surf the Internet and find out what people who have used it think about it. Customer testimonials give a better understanding about how the service helps them and what problems you may face. The testimonials I found about NinjaEssays showed me that students generally don’t like the service. From other people’s feedback, I understood that it is impossible for the service to provide customers with quality help.

Order Form

NinjaEssays Review Order Form

When I looked at the order form, I asked myself, “are they serious?” They include so many extra points for which you should pay extra fees. For example, you need to pay an additional dollar to get help from a UK writer. If I don’t select this option, will I know what writer is going to write my paper? If I don’t choose proofreading by an editor, will I receive a paper with mistakes? For me, it is an obvious sign that the service tries to get as much money as possible from customers.


I have seen lots of complaints about their writers. It seems like the are forced to write, and do it rather badly. You will wonder why the paper is so poorly written considering how high their prices are. Frankly speaking, I don’t think they have UK writers in their team. If you see the papers they write, you will understand what I am talking about. If you think that NinjaEssays is a good writing service, you will change your mind after you receive a paper from them.


You should know that they are often late with the delivery of their papers. Their writers forget that students need to submit their papers on time. Any writer who is working at a writing company should be able to deliver papers according to the set deadline. It seems to me that most of their writers are simply incapable and lack the required writing skills to write papers quickly. So, my advice is to look for other writing services that deliver papers on time.


Thanks to my own experience on this site and customers’ testimonials, I can say that the quality of their papers is painfully low. For example, you will receive a paper with egregious mistakes (by the way, you can find them on the site as well). Taking a glance at the paper is enough for me to understand that their papers will not get good grades from professors. If you purchase a paper here, be prepared for disappointment, as the quality will not be high as you expect.


I ordered a paper here to find out how the service works based on my experience, and the result didn’t satisfy me. It looked like a person who knew nothing about academic writing wrote the paper.  If you want to get at least a good paper, you should look for another option. It is better to write your paper on your own than trust this task to NinjaEssays. Moreover, if you use this site, you may receive the paper after long delays. There is a huge problem with responsibility on this site. I cannot understand why this service still exists.

I rate the service 5.3 out of 10. 

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    Right now I read this ninjaessays review and there is no longer any desire to buy anyuthing here…

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    After reading this ninjaessays review I think i’d better find some other site.

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