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That Thing MyAssignmenthelp Does: You’re Worth More, My Friend

My Rating:4/10

What’s it like to be a customer of an A1 writing organization? As far as I understand, it means receiving a custom paper of satisfactory quality on time, having a smooth interaction with the writer, and being able to defray the cost at the end. As a client of MyAssignmenthelp, I never got to experience any of this. Well, probably except for the aspect listed last — yes, although I could pay for the services this company provided me with, the price was nothing but a rip-off, and, by them mentioning the ability to cover the price, it implied its affordability, which wasn’t the case with this organization.

My “dive” into this downright exaggerated writing service was encompassed by most diverse kinds of terror that a company’s deep waters can ever have. Under the veneer of catchy statements and flowery language showcased on its website, this widely touted organization is revealed to be a large scam. Here and now, I’ll get straight to the point by introducing you to the ugly truth about MyAssignmenthelp: using the services of this company runs counter to the experiences I described in the beginning of this review.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of MyAssignmentWorstEver’s performance.

MyAssignmenthelp: What’s It Like on the Outside?

MyAssignmenthelp revirew

MyAssignmenthelp is an academic writing company providing a full spectrum of writing services, from a small assignment to an extensive dissertation. All over its website, the company tries to give an impression of a top-notch organization, employing quite effective tools that add to its brand image. In reality, it reveals itself to be nothing but petty monkey business: here you have rather pretentious content, a seemingly rich list of its perks, and three inspiring quotes by some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

And yes, thanks to the elaborate ruse, MyAssignmenthelp does appear to be a credible and customer-oriented company that prioritizes the principles of integrity and legitimacy. Please, kindly note that the defining word here is “appear.” Too bad that the real values and objectives of MyAssignmenthelp conflict with those suggested by the renowned sayings the company’s website displays.

How Good Was the Writer’s Help?

“To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act” — this is how pompously and conceitedly the organization attempts to draw a parallel between its mission and this timeless motivational saying. Well, I don’t know about dreaming, but the actions of its employees didn’t seem to resemble those of a person striving to accomplish great things. The quality of my essay in literature was substandard, to say the least of it.

Although the writer somehow managed to generate the main argument of the paper properly, they evidently had difficulty supporting it further in the text. The academic acumen of that person was quite poor, and this also manifested itself in their inability to argue the main point of the essay as well as adhere to the basic requirements that I had included in the order description. The writer’s terrible performance made me think of another famous citation that would’ve become the company’s motto more elegantly: “Vanity is my favorite sin.”

Vanity Doesn’t Come Cheap


Vanity Doesn’t Come Cheap

Ambiguous as this heading might look, it primarily expresses my indignation at the extravagant pricing policy of MyAssignmenthelp. The company has set extremely high prices for its low-quality services, violating the common rules and standards the industry has implemented. My lousily developed essay cost me a real fortune. The company does need to take another look at its odd pricing culture, along with reviewing its overall performance that they charge the customers so unreasonably.

But I wasn’t going to come to terms with MyAssignmenthelp’s disgraceful way of treating its clientele. Based on the quality I received from the writing team, I demanded that the company pay me the money back. Believe it or not, I succeeded in my claims for reimbursement — the organization sent me back the entire sum, which was probably the only noteworthy thing about this schlocky service.

Privacy Policy

Not only is dealing with MyAssignmenthelp stressful and infuriating, it’s also extremely dangerous. The company shows improper regard for the protection of customers’ privacy. When completing the order form, for some insane reason, I was required to provide the system with my sensitive data such as full name, phone number, and home address. Doesn’t this look outrageous given the high delicacy of interacting with an academic writing business where you have someone write your paper?

For most, if not all, customers of writing services, revealing their personal data would be the last thing they would have in mind. And here it is, the “super-caring” privacy culture of MyAssignmenthelp leaving the customers no choice other than to disclose their personal information at their own discretion.

Conclusion Review- Conclusion

Overall, it may be said that this writing organization has a long way to go to become a full-fledged company capable of delivering high-grade academic assistance to its clients. To date, all this service can boast is striking ambition and the fancy content on their well-designed website. MyAssignmenthelp is not the service you would want to use to do well with your academic paper. All things considered, it’s a “no” to this ubiquitously promoted organization. Period.

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  1. Emeliey

    I thought I could find help with myassignmenthelp ( But it proved to be just another scam

  2. Felix90

    Listen, guys, never get into this trap!!!! Was hoping to have ny custom paper written here, but they messed it up. They also charged my some additional fee for some crap I got no idea about. Myassignmenthelp is a dead choice

  3. Nancy

    This time I’ll try to look for somehting else. My paper was soo poor, the support department is good here, though

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