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My Masterpapers Review: Why You Should Pass on This Service

My Rating: 4 out of 10

How should I begin this Masterpapers review? As a committed and earnest student preoccupied with my studying and work, I had no choice other than to consider getting help with my essay from an online writing service. After hours of desperately searching over the web’s most widely recommended writing companies, I ended up with Masterpapers, the service that is so avidly acclaimed and lauded in the reviews I checked out. And up to the time I received the final draft of my stylistics thesis, I couldn’t even imagine how overrated and misevaluated the service could be. And the tremendous confusion and dissatisfaction I experienced with this company forced me to write this Masterpapers review.

Masterpapers Overview Review Overview
Masterpapers is an academic writing company dating back to 2007, according to the information it showcases on its website. The company provides a rather limited range of writing services, which is confined to research papers, dissertations, theses, term papers, and home assignments. I was quite surprised by the poor choice of services that Masterpapers provides, given that almost every online writing organization features an endless variety of them. What I’d also like to stress here is the fancy and compelling content the company’s website displays. The impressive writing does trap the user into trusting this company, which, in my case, proves to be a great mistake.

Now, back to the company itself. On its well-conceived website, the service claims to deliver products of impeccable quality to its clients, along with total confidentiality of their personal information, a legit refund policy, and, of course, the keystone of any credible company — on-time delivery. Further in this review, I will expound on each of these features with respect to the company.

Quality That Left Me Unimpressed

Despite the flamboyant odes to the professionalism of its writers, Masterpapers  delivered to me quite a mediocre piece of writing that featured a substandard, layman’s approach to writing. The writer failed to argue the main point of my thesis in the appropriate way and utilized a non-academic style of writing. Evidently, that person lacked any academic background in the discipline and was thus unable to fulfill the requirements of scholarly writing.

Strange Privacy Policy Review Strange Privacy Policy

Following one of the claims this service makes, it provides customers with total confidentiality and uncompromised safety. In the same section with the pretentious privacy claims, Masterpapers mentions using SSL Data Encryption, known for establishing secure connections between users who make purchases online and the store they shop at. But, as it turned out, no matter how innovative the privacy protection mechanisms this service adopts are, it still fails to provide the proper security to customers.

The safety system Mastepapers implements is very dubious and unreliable. As I proceeded with completing the order form, the system requested my personal data, which took me by surprise. And, since I was just halfway through placing my order, I had to surrender to the company’s unfavorable standards of accepting orders.

Elusive Money-Back Guarantee

“If the received paper is of poor quality or doesn’t match with provided instructions, a full refund can be requested within the first 14 days since the day of the delivery” — how caring and devoted the company seems in making its promises about reimbursements! Too bad that its “care” and “devotion” are confined to this flashy description of the so-called refund policy. Based on the appalling quality my thesis featured, I contacted the support team in order to claim a refund, as I was fully eligible for this.

But the response I received was that the support reps simply turned me and my claim down. The company’s representatives tried to assure me that the order corresponded to the provided requirements and hence there was no ground on which I could possibly request a reimbursement. Afterward, I sent them the screenshots of the requisites I mentioned in the order form, backing them into a corner. As a result, I managed to get my refund!

My Verdict

Masterpapers Review My Verdict

With its value being greatly exaggerated and distorted, this writing service is best defined with the renowned saying: “All that glitters is not gold.” To my biggest regret, the performance of Masterpapers didn’t tie in with my expectations, leaving me totally stressed out and dispirited. The company’s writers, who filled the website content with so much elegance and smoothness, for some reason didn’t stick to the same quality of writing when developing my thesis in stylistics. All things considered, I am forced to discourage you from befriending this shady writing organization.

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  1. Bobby

    This masterpapers review must have been written by a real customer. Thing is I myself had a similar experience with this wack service.

  2. Nicola Edd.

    The first impression I got of this company, based on the too flowery language on its website, was rather negative. But, pressed in time, I did order my paper form them. And the impression proved to be sooo correct!!!! Lousy quality was what I got form this bunch of con men.

  3. Rob20

    This Materpapers review is another evidence to the company being way out of its depth!!!

  4. Ameloh95

    No, definitely not this organization(( It features pretty reasonable prices but shows no regard for the quality and stuff

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