GPALabs Review: Everything You Should Know before Placing Your Order

My rating: 10/10

GPALabs is a writing service that helps students who struggle with their homework, or who simply don’t want to do it. The service provides original samples of essays, research papers, reviews, and other papers. GPALabs is focused on one purpose — to increase the GPA of its clients.

Luckily, a majority of students have the same purpose when they apply to the writing services for help. When I placed my order for the first time, I didn’t expect that the result would actually be good. But GPALAbs managed to surprise me.

Anyway, first things first. Let’s start from the very beginning — from the main page.

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GPALabs Review: Main Page

The main page of the GPALabs website is nice and helpful. On the menu, you can see all the necessary categories: guarantees, FAQ, prices, a blog, etc. The contact information is also available. You can make a call, leave a message in the chat, or send an email (check the section “Contact Us”). This service has two available phone numbers:

Responsive and Friendly Support - GPALabs Review


GPALabs Review: Available Services

On the main page, you can also find a list of available services (check the section “Our Services”).

GPALabs Review - Available Services


As you can see, GPALabs can help you with a wide range of academic papers. If you want to calculate your GPA, this service offers an easy-to-use college GPA calculator with clear instructions.

This feature can be helpful for students who want to plan their homework activities and analyze their academic performance. You’ll be able to see which courses require more attention and effort.

Academic Performance - GPALabs

GPALabs Review: Order Process

If you like planning your budget, GPALabs will be a perfect option for you. This service offers a helpful tool: on the main page, you can calculate the price for your order before placing it. You just have to specify the type of paper, academic level, number of pages, and deadline.


Price calculation

If you’re okay with the price, move on to the next step. Click the “Order” button and fill in a longer version of the ordering form.

One more thing that I like about GPALabs is the confidentiality policy. You can share your name and phone, but you don’t have to. The only requirement is to share your e-mail so that the writing service can send you invoices and information about your order.

iIformation about Your Order

You may also order a few additional services: writers’ samples, expert proofreading, and a copy of the sources. I don’t usually need a copy of sources, but I ordered expert proofreading because I didn’t want to pay for an ENL writer. 🙂

However, sources may be useful if you’re planning further studies on this topic or your instructor requires you to include copies.

GPALabs - Review

GPALabs Review: Writers

A good writing service can’t exist without professional writers. It’s obvious that GPALabs doesn’t hire ENL writers exclusively because the prices would be much higher. This is what I found on the website:

GPALabs Review


The choice is obvious: if you want your order to be completed by a native speaker, you will pay more money. You can pick the writer’s category in the ordering form:

Ordering Form - GPALabs

As I’ve mentioned, I ordered my paper from “the best available writer.” I’m not sure whether it would be grammatically perfect without expert proofreading, but the structure was logical and the arguments were clear.

GPALabs Review: Free Features

Of course, my GPALabs review wouldn’t be comprehensive without this section. I love free stuff. And this service has a couple of free features just for me (and for you).


Free features -

In addition to these pleasant little things, any visitor to this website can use a free plagiarism checker. You have five free checks even if you’re not planning to order anything.

GPALabs guarantees 100% original papers, and you can check the uniqueness of your sample thanks to this checker. If you see that your essay or research paper isn’t original, you’ll have a right to ask for free, unlimited revisions.


Plag checker - Review

GPALabs Review: My Experience

I’m a full-time employee. I don’t have much time to do my homework, especially when it comes to something boring, such as food waste.

That’s why I ordered my essay about food waste and the environment from GPALabs, and they did pretty well. I’ll place an excerpt here so that you’ll be able to evaluate the writing skills of the author:

The wasted food discarded in a landfill will rot and cause emissions of methane. According to the research by Yvon-Durocher et al., methane is a greenhouse gas that is about 25 times more effective in heat-trapping than carbon dioxide (488). Due to methane emission, were food waste a country, it would be the third largest greenhouse gas emitter only after America and China (FAO 1).

One latent environmental impact stemming from both food production and disposal is the damage to biodiversity. Deforestation is the major method to supply land for food production and disposal. The natural flora and fauna are, hence, sabotaged. Marine life is no exception. Fish as an export is paramount for most developing nations, where management is poor. The fishing practice is unsustainable in that rapid depletion of marine life population will lead to extinction (Eggert and Greaker 17). Plus, a portion may rot during transportation without modern refrigeration. Therefore, the ecosystem is sacrificed and wasted.

The topic is developed, and the arguments and examples are appropriate. The essay was proofread by an expert, and I got a good grade for it.

GPALabs Review: Verdict

No writing service can be perfect. But the disadvantages of GPALabs do not outweigh the benefits. Good quality and attractive prices make this service one of my favorites, and I can recommend it to other students with a clear conscience.


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  1. Ella

    I’ve ordered two history research papers, and they did great. Prices are a bit too high for me, but my free time is totally worth it.

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    I haven’t seen their calculator that’s mentioned in this gpa labs review( maybe I would do better if I used it(

  3. jimmy

    I don’t care about free stuff — just give me a good paper!!!!

  4. Lens101

    I understand that all these services are cheating. But I wanna sleep so badly ALL THE TIME!

  5. Pickachu45

    I ordered my essay in linguistics here and was pretty much happy with what I received.

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    The paper they did was rocking!!! I met met deadline couldnt be happier

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    yep I guess I’d recommend this badass service, keep up dudes!!!!

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    They wrote the paper for me and all was good, greetings from Serbia!!

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    here you can get get highest quality at afordable price, glad I stumbled on their website)

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    perhabs the most impressive essay I ever receivd !! my best recommendations

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    been wandering over the web for ages till I found these writers, best of the best

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    another proof this company is legit I myself had a pleasure ordering form them Answershark reviews

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    My writer is very educated and explained a lot of complex things about my essay. Thanks for great service!

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    Now I know how to format my further papers – THANK YOU, GPALabs <3

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    I remembered about my task very late and should ask special writing service for help. I am happy that I found you – your support team is made from superheroes!

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    I paid for my paper and kept learning what I couldn’t manage because I had a lack of time. Thanks, guys, you saved my time!

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