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Gonerdify: In and Out of Good Performance

My Rating: 5/10

For students confronted by a near-lethal avalanche of studying duties, finding a reliable writing organization to write their papers is a lucky catch. Inspired by the glitz and sweetness that the website of Gonerdify radiates, I right away embraced the idea of becoming its client. Little did I know that what I was to receive from this service would be so conflicting with my expectations. My impression of dealing with this writing company was quite controversial and mixed, as Gonerdify was demonstrating uneven performance throughout my collaboration with it. And in my Gonerdify review, I will share my underwhelming experience of being a client of this rather fishy writing organization.

Gonerdify Overview

As a full-fledged writing organization, Gonerdify provides a complete range of academic writing services and asserts that its assistance is unique and outstanding. The company’s history goes back to 2015, according to the information on its website. By using a fancily eccentric name represented by a contorted phrase, the company draws the parallel between the archetypal image of a nerd and its performance and claims to possess all the key features necessary for delivering top-notch assistance in studying. Alas, Gonerdify’s flashy claims and implications as to its excellence are not mirrored in how it completes work.

Further in this review, I’ll provide a more thorough account of my encounter with this writing service.

Quality: No Great Shakes, Really

GoNerdify Review Quality

In my humble opinion, each writing company should give utmost importance to the aspect of quality. At Gonerdify, they seem to follow a different principle. The quality of my paper was pretty appropriate in terms of academic consistency, but was severely unsatisfactory regarding the use of English.

The writer had a strong grasp of academic writing and demonstrated a solid background in the discipline. They managed to organize the essay according to the required scholarly standards and norms and provide compelling argumentation to the thesis statement, showcasing impressive academic skills. To cut a long story short, the person who developed my essay possessed remarkable academic proficiency, which would be estimated favorably by an expert scholar.

Contrasting starkly with the writer’s scholarly adeptness is their appalling English. That person obviously lacked the proper perception of my native language, displaying striking gaps in their vocabulary. The English skills of my “nerdy” writer ranged between the intermediate and lower intermediate levels, which also manifested itself in even the severe inability to generate a sentence requiring strong grammar skills and language fluency. The writer would also misplace the sentence clauses and incorrectly use words, trying to calque their mother tongue on mine, which didn’t work well due to the language gaps in their so-called method.

Pricing: Getting Ripped Off

The pricing policy Gonerdify adopts doesn’t make you think of this company as legitimate. The prices it has established are much higher that those of other companies and contradict the fair pricing standards set by the industry. As a poor college student taking a part-time job to cover my tuition, I was discomforted by the service’s negligent approach to following pricing standards.

Customer Support Center: The Forceful Conflation of Loyalty and Ignorance

GoNerdify.com Review Customer Support

A company’s support department mirrors its attitude to the clientele. Based on my experience with the customer support center of Gonerdify, I can tell that the service slightly ignores the accepted principles for treating clients. Deeply startled by the poor language of my custom paper, I strived to claim my right for receiving a quality academic work from the company. I contacted the support representatives asking for either a refund or a free revision of my paper. It took the workers several days to tend to my request.

The response e-mail I got from them contained a distant and hostile refusal to do so. The reps questioned my eligibility for reimbursement, denying that my paper featured inconsistencies with the proper writing criteria. For this reason, I switched to another option of fixing my order’s issues and asked for a free revision. And, unlike the previous time, the support workers didn’t turn down my request, agreeing to assign a new writer to go and “nerdify” my paper in an appropriate way. It’s worth noting that their second e-mail was far more amiable and understanding. All in all, I received an amended version of the English-unfriendly academic work sent to me earlier.


Gonerdify attracts most users with its unusual name and appealing website design. Too bad that its true nature comes out of the shadows after clients make their payments and sit waiting for the promised professional help. The company doesn’t meet the required standards of expert assistance in studying and thus receives my unsatisfactory assessment of its second-rate performers. These “nerds”  should swot more, for sure.

5 Responses

  1. Rebecca

    I was sick and tired of correcting my paper after the writer(((( go past this service

  2. Antony

    I urge you from dealing with it. I order my custom paper on their website and was repulsed by the quality. Yes, they offer favotable prices but the quality really suffers. When I asked my money back, they simply neglected it and were very rude to me.

  3. Alison

    I liked their ability to meet the deadlines but the help they offer is just crap.

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