EssayShark Review: Why They Deserve Your Attention

In the market of writing services, EssayShark rightfully occupies a leading position. The service is perfectly designed, has a good reputation among students, and has reasonable prices — all of this forms an image of an almost prefect service for helping students. What exactly can it offer? Let’s find it out in this EssayShark review.

Potential Users

EssayShark is an online writing service where students can get writing assistance and interact with a writer directly for better result. Using this service helps to improve grades, because they actually provide quality papers. Using this site fits students of all academic levels better than other similar services due to a great balance between quality papers and reasonable prices.

EssayShark is also presented as an app for Android and iOS (look for Assignment Pal for iOS). This diversity allows you to use the service anywhere, anytime, and from any device. You can place an order on a PC, then leave and contact the writer from a mobile phone somewhere in a park or cafe. You are not tied to your PC. You only need internet access and the installed application on a smartphone. By the way, the mobile application version is not different from the one on PC in terms of functionality. The interface is intuitive, and great for beginners to use.

EssayShark Review


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Students should not pass by such a writing service. The site covers the largest audience of the writing market, offering the best conditions. That’s why it has immense popularity.


To start using the service, you need to register on the website if you have never done it before. To do this, you need to fill in an order form and choose a writer. You need to look at bids offered by writers and choose the most suitable one.

Ordering - EssayShark

After that, you can contact your writer to specify the details of your order. You can ask any question about the order. Also, while your paper is being written, you can check the progress — I think it is a really awesome option. Also, a great thing is that you will pay for finished parts of your paper, not for the whole order at once.


EssayShark is a serious service that always tries to help if something goes wrong while using it, at least according to the Essay Shark reviews that I have found on the internet. Its capabilities are not limited to the provision of quality papers — if you are faced with some issues, you can contact the support team in your account. In case you don’t have an account yet, you may contact them via e-mail.


Visually, the EssayShark interface looks very attractive. From a functional point of view it is understandable and convenient, which leads to an excellent level of usability. Colors are pleasing to the eye. You can easily find the most important information, like how the site works, top writers, information about the company, etc.

Top Writers

When using EssayShark, every customer is interested in the writers working for the service. The number of writers really amazes. On the “Top Writers” page, you can see ratings and awards that writers have gained. For each writer, the rating is automatically generated according to the estimates that customers leave.

Top Writers - EssayShark

Social Media

EssayShark supports the connection of a large number of communication channels, significantly affecting recognizability among students. Here there is integration with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, you will be able to contact “sharks” not only on the site and app, but also using social networks.


According to numerous reviews, their prices are quite reasonable. The cost differs due to the instructions that you include in the order form (deadline, academic level, etc.). The cost is calculated individually based on what you have included while placing an order. The service provides the opportunity to choose the price that you want when writers put their bids. Moreover, you will pay only after you receive a paper and it looks exactly as you want.


Papers written by their experts look really great. At least the vast majority of them. The best papers have absorbed a lot of work and are on the highest level dictated by the requirements of the modern writing market. They present samples on the blog to demonstrate the capabilities of their writers. Look at them, as maybe you will like something from them and it will be a decisive moment while thinking whether to use this service or not.


EssayShark is a great writing service. In addition to quality papers, it offers a fairly large number of advanced features. This is a site to get professional writing assistance which will help you improve your grades and save your time. That is, it is impossible to call this service simply a site where you can buy an essay — it is just one of the many functions. Having a chat on the account improves communication between customer and writer, thus improving the ability to get the desired paper.

The service is cross-platform; you can use it from your computer or from your phone via an app. The free app is obligatory for installation for all students who need writing help — this is a very necessary tool that helps ordering in the most convenient way. There is no reason to deny yourself getting quality help from EssayShark. It has reasonable prices and excellent features. Getting help from them is definitely worth the money.

I rate this service 10 of 10.


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  1. Naeem Prince

    I used to be a customers for essay shark and the papers I get from them were great. The writers were very polite and always stick to my requirements, If you need to get your paper done in a proper way, I recommend you this service. Now I’m not a student anymore, but they really helped me then.

  2. Fuentes

    Thanx for this review on essayshark. Really appreciate! It helped me to find a service that cover me during the finals!

  3. Rahul

    read this review for essayshark. I decided to use it, let’s see what I’ll get.

  4. Whitney Gonzalez

    I want to say that this site is AMAZING! Got an A yesterday for the paper from them! HURAY!

  5. Matthew

    As a US student, I was pretty impressed by the quality of my paper so I totally recommend the service!!

  6. VideoGirl20

    Essayshark are worth your bucks. They made my thesis amazing and I will order once more here))))

  7. gyhd15

    The review I orderd was totally the way I excpected it. No regrets and only astonishment

  8. Natalia

    Greets from Ukraine!! I placed an order here and received top quality from them))))

  9. Andre GoGo

    This service is awesome! I found a helpful sample for my engineering essay and got a good review from the professor.

  10. SweetChild

    I am a really happy student that stumbled across this service and I don’t regret about the help I got from my writer.

  11. Chris-33

    I stuck on the writing process and writer from EssayShark helped me to manage my issue. I am glad to pay for my sample on algebra.

  12. Jennyfer_Bro6

    I would really recommend this service to all my friends from class!

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