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EssayOnTime Review: Find Another Option

Most writing services are able to provide students with quality papers. However, not all writing services demonstrate professionalism. Therefore, you should not believe the beautiful words that you see on their sites. Sometimes this leads to trouble, as students order on these services and receive poor papers. One of these services is EssayOnTime. Below you will find an EssayOnTime review with an analysis of the most common mistakes that they make in their work.

Presentation Is Vital

The customer gets the first impression of the site within a few seconds after arriving. They unknowingly evaluate the visual information: the color scheme of the page design, the images, the location of the navigation elements, and informational blocks. Ninety four percent of users do not trust the content of a site and the business as a whole if they are faced with a poor design.

Presentation Is Vital - EssayOnTime

When I visited EssayOnTime, I got a bad first impression. This means that the creators didn’t put enough effort into making a good site. I am talking about the design of the site, which repels customers. In order not to face negative consequences, always look at the design of the site. If the service doesn’t pay attention to the site, they most likely will not pay attention to the quality of their work.

I rate the overall design 5 of 10.


Services that pay attention to their quality have a good reputation among students. I believe that the purpose of the existence of EssayOnTime is to show what quality of work writing services should avoid. It seems that this service has reached its goal. The staff of this site have made the following errors while providing customers with writing help:

  • On the site, there are no professional writers who can write quality papers. Getting to this site, I spent lots of time trying to find any information about the writers, but didn’t find any.
  • The service provides customers with low-quality papers, forgetting that they can in turn leave Essay On Time reviews on the internet and let others know about their work.
  • The large number of poorly written samples on the site provides a negative impression on the potential customer.
  • The site has no information about the money-back guarantee.

I rate the quality 4 of 10.

Money-Back Guarantee

Please note EssayOnTime is not responsible for the consequences if their writers provide customers with terrible papers. They will not return your money if you are not satisfied with your order. According to essayontime com reviews, many students risked using the site, received awful papers, and couldn’t get their money back.

I rate this option 0 of 10, as it is simply absent.

Information about the Company

No person will come to find the information about the company, as it is not presented on the site. I couldn’t find out where the company is located. Why do they hide this information? They did not spend time on presenting really important information, limiting themselves to including contact phone numbers and e-mail. Why waste time on presenting this information if the site doesn’t care about the customers at all?

I rate the information provided about the company 4 of 10.


Prices -EssayOnTime

The prices are easy to find. Do not forget that these prices are not final: the higher your demands are, the higher the price is. Believe me, their prices are too high in comparison with other similar services. Moreover, one important question bothers me: how can you put such high prices and write such poor quality papers? Nonsense.

I rate prices 5 of 10.


Apparently, the writers of EssayOnTime do not like to spend time on writing good papers. When we look at samples presented on this site, we can judge how they deal with orders from customers. Because of the testimonials presented next to samples, I can say that these samples were written for customers. I think this is a huge mistake, because if you claim that you write original papers and never resell them, you should not present them on the site — someone can copy the text, present it on other sites, and the customer who ordered it may have problems — the paper will not be considered original anymore.

I rate their samples 4 of 10.

Samples - EssayOnTime


On the “Our Services” section, they present many types of services. It is not quite understandable for me: how do math problems, statistics projects, and multiple choice questions relate to paper writing? If I know that their writers can’t write even simple essays in a proper way, how can I be sure that they can deal with math problems?

I rate their services 5 of 10.


Customers do not like writing sites where they need to spend lots of time. If you look at the order form of EssayOnTime, you will see that it is too complicated, and a lot of time must be spent completing it. Also, one thing surprises me. If you want your paper to be proofread after the writer completes it, you need to pay an additional cost. So, I guess if you don’t choose this option in the order form, you will get a paper with mistakes.

I rate their order form 4 of 10.


After looking through all the estimates, I came up with the final rate: 3.875. My advice is to forget about this service completely if you want to receive a quality paper. You will most likely not get the paper you want here.

5 Responses

  1. Thomas Swanson

    This company has some really bad writers, it seems that don’t understand the requirements at all. I ordered a paper here and fo the most part the paper is really awful. I though I would receive a great paper for the high price I paid, but NO. Stay away from them!

  2. Pradraig

    I ordered a literature review from then and they did an awful job. I requested for revisions, but the quality didn’t change.

  3. Huma

    I never used this writing service before and after reading through this essay on time review I will definetely not use it.

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