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EssayMama Review: What You’ve Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask

To choose the right writing service, you need to read reviews and testimonials first. If you read reviews, it is possible that you will know what will happen while using this or that service. Today, I am going to talk about one such service called EssayMama in the following review. I collected facts and information about this site. This review will come to the rescue when you have doubts whether to use this service or not.

To Begin With

I have found a lot of strange things on EssayMama. If they think that no one sees them, they are mistaken. I found out that their work is of low quality. They are complicit in delivering poorly written papers, they just don’t acknowledge this. However, I am a daredevil — and as such, I am not afraid to reveal the truth about this writing service. I have also found out what other people think about this writing company. And now it remains only to read this EssayMama review. If you have already used this service, I bet that most of my observations and thoughts will seem familiar to you.

Is EssayMama Legit?

A professional writing service can always answer the question: “What if something goes wrong and the result is unsatisfactory?” The answer to this question should not be: “There are no such situations on our site,” “We’ll figure it out somehow,” or something along these lines. When someone complains about the quality of EssayMama, they do nothing to solve the problem. I mean that they don’t really care about their reputation — they don’t improve the quality of their work. They don’t worry about papers which are poorly written. And frankly, I don’t think that this service is legit, because they don’t implement what they promise on the site. So, before you start using this service, think twice.


Most of all on EssayMama, I hate the work that their writers do. It seems their writers don’t possess diplomas of higher education, and this is important for professional writers. It is strange that their “expert” writers can’t deal even with the simplest essays. They don’t know how to present strong arguments when they are needed or how to develop the topic properly. When I don’t see quality work, I can’t say anything good about their writers. I think that the service should stop pretending that professional writers work there.

EssayMama Reviews and Testimonials Reviews and Testimonials

Of course, EssayMama presents only the positive testimonials on their site, like many other writing services do. Having 100% positive reviews which are unequivocal should be alarming. Unfortunately, in this area there are a lot of overly positive customer reviews. It’s the bitter truth. On the Internet, you can find reviews about EssayMama which are written by real people who have real profiles. I have searched around to find out the real opinions of customers. I assumed that the feedback would not be absolutely good, but it turned out almost all customers remained unsatisfied. If you read reviews and testimonials yourself, you will not have any doubts whether the service is worth buying. It is not.


When a student places an order on a writing service, he or she expects the paper to be delivered on time. However, with EssayMama you may not receive the completed paper for a long time. It seems like their writers feel indescribable pleasure when they put off writing customers’ papers until later. Submitting papers after the deadline can cause students to panic. So, if you don’t want to panic and hope to receive your paper on time, consider using some other writing site.


Evaluating quality is also important for this review. Any student’s dream is to receive a high-quality paper from a writing service. Using EssayMama, I imagined that I would get the paper I expected, but after I received it I realized that it wasn’t written according to my requirements. Honestly, I don’t think their papers are of good quality.

Privacy Policy

The word “privacy” is what any customer wants to hear while using a writing service. People who use such sites need to be sure that their personal data won’t be passed to third parties. When you use EssayMama, there is no guarantee that it will be absolutely safe and confidential for you. You don’t know how they will use your phone number or e-mail address. So, it’s up to you whether to risk your privacy here or not.


EssayMama Review Prices

EssayMama does not sell papers at affordable prices. Prices do not correspond to the market. You can find lots of writing services that offer writing help at more reasonable prices. If you pay for a paper here, you will not only spend a lot, but also receive a paper the quality of which does not correspond to the price. It is the objective of doubtful writing services to make customers spend as much as possible.


The presence of information telling you that the service is great is not an indication that it is actually trustworthy. Even if you like an attractive service like EssayMama, it doesn’t mean they provide customers with quality writing assistance. I have already included the reasons why you should avoid it. One of the main reasons is that they don’t have a team of professional writers with proper experience in academic writing. If your intuition says: “EssayMama is not a good option for you” — trust it. If you are interested in receiving a well-written paper, I should say that this service is not suitable for you.

I rate EssayMama 4.1 out of 10. 

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