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Essay Jedii Review

Essay Jedi Review: Why the Jedi Is Not on Your Side

Min. deadline 3 hours
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It was a surprise to find an essay writing service with a Star Wars theme. Even a brief mention about lightsabers, Darth Vader, and the Jedi makes my heart jump. It doesn’t seem that the Jedi are masters of writing academic papers or somehow connected to sciences, but the idea that the Essay Jedi will help you fight the college evil in the face of assignments is great!

EssayJedii (this is actually how they spell it) is an academic writing service that works on a bidding principle. Also, the service (like many others) guarantees low and flexible prices, high quality papers, and confidentiality. While the whole idea looks great and the claims engage you to make an order, there is still something wrong with this service. Don’t be blinded by the design and sweet words.

General Impression

The website layout and design are nice and simple. However, I have some observations on the text content: text sections are hard to read and the information on the main page looks messy. Also, it was hard to find the link to their terms and conditions, and there is no information about pricing. The website needs a better navigation system and quality content. The FAQ section could be more extensive and cover more questions. Also, there is no phone number if you need to contact the support immediately.


The service claims that its prices start from $8.49 per page. The price is really attractive, but what about the quality? Besides, you cannot actually see how much the paper will cost. Clever Jedi! The service works as an auction, where you place your order and writers start sending you bids. On the one hand, it’s great, as you don’t have to pay before knowing the price and the writer who will be writing the paper for you. In front of my eyes, several writers dropped prices ranging from $130 to $117 for my order. On the other hand, I like to know the final price before I make an order. As a side note, you can use the auto select for the best writer if you don’t want to make the choice.

Additional services may cost you a pretty penny. Below you can see the services that are calculated per page. So, if you need a 4-page essay, VIP support will cost you $23.96, and having it proofread by editors will cost $11.96. All the additional services are non refundable.

Prices - EssayJedii

Making an Order

The website navigation of the service is simple. It was easy to find the order form and place an order, but I wish the service provided a more detailed description about each step. For example, how much time will it take to find the writer? When I submitted my instructions, a particular window appeared:

Making an Order - EssayJedii

In fact, it took more than 10 minutes to find a writer. Then it took time to chat with the writer in the online chat to clarify the order details. If you are in a hurry, this service might not be the right option.

Making an Order - the right option

Also, you need to agree with the terms and conditions (a normal process) and agree to receive promo emails (sigh). Be aware that the service will send you a lot of emails notifying any action from the writer along the writing process. You will receive at least 20 notifications in your mailbox until you get your finished paper.

Some Words about the Writers

On the main page you can find the links to the profiles of the top writers. If you think that you will find a great amount of information there, you are wrong. Here you can check the finished or canceled orders and the general statistics about the writer’s performance. There is no information about the writer’s background, education, or anything related to his or her professionalism. I avoided looking at their profile pictures, as I understand that most of the writers prefer to stay incognito.

Many writing services don’t offer distinct information about the writers, and this is bad. I wish this company would hear me and share more information about the hiring process and their writers.

Words about the Writers

Guarantees and How to Get Your Money Back

First, as I’ve already said, it’s a real quest to find the money-back guarantee and terms and conditions sections on the website. And when you eventually find them and read, you will understand that the company has secured its money as much as it can. For example, “When a consumer uploads 100% of an order, 50% of the order’s cost is automatically non-refundable.” If the writer has written a paper full of bullshit, you will be obliged to pay for at least 50% of the whole cost. You can’t get a full refund.


Unfortunately, the service has no phone number, as wise Jedi don’t want to speak with their customers. The only way to contact the support is to write them emails or use the online chat in your account. Consider the fact that you may be gray and old when you get a response from the customer representative. Well, what do you expect? It seems that the customer support is a billion light years away from Earth.

Support - EssayJedii


I experienced slow support, questionable quality of papers, lack of information, and much more. My order was delivered with a delay and the content was far below my expectations. The service has left me in total disappointment. The idea is great and I wish the company with such a great idea had better service quality. Don’t come to the dark side — don’t use the services of fake Jedi. You’d better try other writing services with good reputations. May the force be with you!

My rating: 4/10

4 Responses

  1. Nanna

    I made the mistake to order from Essay Jedi. They have taken my money for a fully plagiarized essay and denied this fact.

  2. Killer

    Their service requires improvements. The functionality is poor and slow. The least intuitive interface I’ve ever tried. Received the order but it was a headache.

  3. Master Yoda

    Seek another service, you must! The writer did follow the instructions at all not.

  4. Jay

    Get caught with a low price. My deadlines were missed and there was no point in their paper at all. Not only they neglect my time, they have submitted a bullshit. Never paid me back a penny.

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