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My Experience Using Service for Students: EssayEdge

Total rating 4/10

I needed to fix my psychology essay because the teacher didn’t accept it last month. Then I was searching for someone who could help me with this. It was easy to find EssayEdge even among the large amount of similar websites. After the unexpected failure that I had with this service, I decided to share my own review. The information I am reporting will hopefully save someone from using a service like this.

Overview 6/10

When I entered the website, I didn’t find much information about their service. The About Us section is at the end of the menu, and it was hard for my eyes to catch it. I was disappointed to find so little text. Many modern companies from other specialties use a section about themselves in the beginning to gain the guests’ trust. This company hasn’t detailed any information about the date of the foundation or person who created this service. As you can see in the next image, here is just a general description:

EssayEdge Review Overview

Іn any case, I found a lot of specialties for editing services that EssayEdge provides to me as a customer:

EssayEdge Review Customer

When I saw the section about psychology, I was delighted, because I spent nearly ten minutes to find it. It would be much quicker if the website had a search box.

This was my first impression, but I was not so attentive about the inconvenience of the service. It looks like the information here is incomplete. So my EssayEdge review takes off four points from the rating of this section.

Advantages and Disadvantages 4/10

  • As the main advantage of using EssayEdge, I noticed a user-friendly interface. The clean design helped me not to be bored and to read as much information as I could. (9/10)
  • It’s no less critical a fact that EssayEdge has a support service online. I immediately connected to the support manager, who was helping me kindly in the beginning, but when things went wrong, the same manager was not competent in solving the issue of my request. That’s why I am taking half from the rating of this category. (5/10)

– EssayEdge has no calculator on the website. (1/10)

– It is not comfortable to use the application form. (1/10)

– There is no information about the writers or editors. You can find a lot of their editors on the Our Team section, but when you want to find out about someone’s ratings or awards, EssayEdge shifts you immediately to the registration form: Review Team Section

And after you click “Get Started”:

EssayEdge Review Get Started

So, for this point, I am giving 4 out of 10 for the rating. To find out more about the pros and cons of using this service, please, read the next sections I prepared for you in this EssayEdge review.

Prices 3/10

The prices for this kind of service are too high.

EssayEdge Review Prices

As you can see in the previous image,I paid $69 for one page of a short psychological essay. Actually, I paid $138, because I had two pages — and as the support manager said, I got the best-qualified specialist for editing my work. By the way, the cost for EssayEdge services is calculated by word count, so be attentive, please, while uploading your essay on the website.

Money-Back Guarantee 1/10

I had struggled with my proofreader for nearly two weeks. She was a nice girl and was trying to do her best. I can understand her and I didn’t want to complain, but for the price that I paid, I expected a slightly different type of service. That’s why I decided to write an extensive EssayEdge review to prevent others from dealing with this issue.

I was chatting with the support team all the time not to bother my editor, but it should be a service to support, not a service to upset. There is even no information about the money-back guarantee in the privacy policy and terms of service.

EssayEdge Review Money-Back Guarantee

Discounts 7/10

At least I am happy with the discount that EssayEdge proposed. I nearly lost it, however, because the window popped up very fast.

I assume that I got that discount because I am a newbie on the website.

EssayEdge Review Discounts

Editors (Writers) 5/10

As I mentioned earlier, there is no information about the experience of each proofreader on the Our Team page. The description is too brief and generalized. There was no chance to check the information about the editor before ordering the proofreading from him. Review Editors

I didn’t find any links to the previous works of my editor, as well. I didn’t notice it first, but I should have, so that is a good lesson for me. I am giving five stars out of ten, not to the writers, but for the service, for not organizing the information correctly. That is my EssayEdge proofreading review.

Quality of the Work 3/10

They proposed me to follow the instructions. My proofreader fixed the text in my psychological essay, but my teacher still didn’t accept it. I needed to fix it again and again. I went through many issues until I got the right result. The price was inappropriate for that kind of service. It is better to find other services that can help you to write a new essay. That’s why I decided to pay the specialist to write my essay from scratch. Unfortunately, I found this kind of service too late.

At least, my proofreader deleted some slang and jargon, so my essay now looks more academic.

Final Cautions

The funniest thing is in fact that the first variant of my essay that I sent to be proofread was not much different from the fixed version. When reading my own work that I had been writing from scratch, I could see the similarity between them. I don’t mind using such services that help students to stay in the flow of their studies and keep them from getting overwhelmed when working on the next essays. But definitely, I would rather look for another service in the future.

5 Responses

  1. Brook Silvester

    Total disappointment, as author says. If it is zero star, I would give it to this service.

  2. Mark Jesse

    I didn’t expect they won’t give your money back. I think you should go to court with his issue.

  3. Tara Kevin

    You broke my heart! I got D after igving my teacher essay from this service. Better to write your own work, for sure…

  4. Dianne Abner

    Sometimes things can go wrong. I also used this service, Sometimes there are good writers and sometimes they are not. I am always contacting support service to make it clear before I pay for my papers.

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