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Essaybox Review: Within the Box of Mediocrity

Overall Rating: 5/10

What I’d like to emphasize in this Essaybox review in the first place is that receiving satisfactory academic support is crucial for today’s customer of the online writing industry. With the terror of studying imposing exponentially on puzzled students, the importance of proper help with their academic duties goes beyond question. Based on my experience with Essaybox, I can tell that I was among the industry’s unfortunate clients who have faced the inadequate performance of a writing company.

A widely acclaimed and promoted writing organization, Essaybox is just another subpar company that doesn’t meet the standards of providing competent academic assistance. Dealing with this organization was rather troublesome and exhausting, and further in this review, I will present the account of my unfavorable experience with Essaybox in more detail.

What Is Essaybox?

EssayBox Review What Is Essaybox

As a full-fledged writing service, Essaybox delivers academic assistance on a varied selection of disciplines. Displaying an attractive and cozy design on its website, the company gives the impression of a reliable writing service capable of aiding students in their everyday academic routine. Essaybox adopts a fancy and appealing way of presenting its image through the website content, thereby enticing visitors to become its customers. But in reality, the company is nothing more than a well-designed scam.

Now, I’ll provide deep insight into each of the major parts of Essaybox’s performance.

Out-of-the-Box Quality

Score: 5/10

The quality of the essay I ordered from this service did drive me daft. The paper was written inappropriately and conflicted with the acceptable measurements of quality academic writing. And while the writer’s English was quite satisfactory, their scholarly writing skills were far below average.

Let’s begin evaluating the quality of my order with its positive element. I was quite impressed at the English proficiency my writer possessed. In my paper, they masterfully adopted the literary style of writing, employing elaborate and sometimes metaphorical language and making the text smooth and pleasant to go through. Perhaps, the only drawback to the writing was the occasionally inappropriate use of flowery and stylistically rich language, which did not adhere to strict academic standards. But, again, the person who wrote my essay demonstrated a strong grasp of my native language.

Now, back to the bad. As I mentioned earlier in this Essaybox review, the writer had little familiarity with the established criteria of scholarly writing. They failed to organize my paper in such a way that it would comply with the proper standards and thus gain academic significance. The writer obviously lacked understanding of the topic my essay was dealing with, given how unprofessionally and inconsistently they were arguing the main point of my paper. The insufficient academic background of the writer prevented them from crafting a solid piece of academic writing.

And the writer’s scant scholarly skills get even more upsetting when contrasted with their abundant English mastery. Ultimately, the conflict between these two fundamental aspects that my essay featured added some rather bizarre shades to its quality — great in terms of the language use, but miserable regarding academic standards.

Pricing Policy

EssayBox Review Pricing Policy

Score: 2/10

The pricing policy Essaybox adopts doesn’t favor the customer much, either. I would say that the company to some extent violates the pricing standards of the online writing industry. The service sets prices that largely surpass the quality provided and thus makes customers question its legitimacy. And if I myself hadn’t agreed to nearly go into the red by placing an order on the company’s website, I would wonder at why some users voluntarily pay such unreasonable prices to an online service like this. But, based on my own experience, I understand the possible reasons that might have driven customers like me to make do with this dubious pricing culture.

No Space for Safety

Score: 2/10

Not only does Essaybox impose ridiculous prices on its customers, it also  exposes them to the malice of the digital dimension — the service implements a very unsafe and ill-conceived privacy policy. When filling in the order form, I was required to provide my personal data such as full name, home address, phone number, and e-mail address, while the ordering forms of most credible writing companies drop these hazardous requisites. It’s important to stress in this Essaybox review that, by adopting such an insecure privacy policy, the company shows improper regard for the safety and confidentiality of its customers.

My Verdict

If you’re looking for a legitimate and expertise-powered writing organization, pass Essaybox by. The performance of this service is not up to par with that of a credible academic assistance company. The service does offer you some noticeable perks, but it definitely has a long way to go to deserve the admiration of users seeking qualified help with their studying.

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  1. Gregory90

    I more than agree with the author of this Essaybox review. The pricing is ok, but the quality they provide is rather repulsive(((((

  2. Thelma

    Another valid proof to the incompetence of this organization. I went through quite a unsettling experience with these guys. Having found that my thesis has some severe pitfalls and gaps, I contacted the support team to ask them for a refund. But they refused me, after tedious days of waiting!

  3. Arnie

    This Essaybox review is truthful one, I experienced basically the same as the client of this terrible organization.

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