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BestEssays Review: What You Can Find There

BestEssays is a place where you can order an academic paper. You can find writers who write different types of papers as it says on the site. This BestEssays review will show whether this writing service is worth your attention or not.

Best Essays Review

Not That Good

What makes BestEssays different from other writing sites is that it doesn’t provide customers with quality papers. It hires writers who are not capable of writing good papers. This conclusion was made after I looked through many BestEssays reviews and used it for myself.

BestEssays is not a service you can rely on. Alas, this service has not escaped the familiar and widespread problem in the form of cheating — the real scourge of writing sites. This makes an unpleasant impression on customers. If you don’t want to deal with the situation of getting a bad paper, avoid this service.

Why You Shouldn’t Choose BestEssays

  • Instead of answering questions that interest me, support imposes placing an order.
  • Prices are rather high.
  • There is no information about a money-back guarantee, which is quite suspicious.

I wonder: is BestEssays really the worst option to buy papers?

Let me tell you everything!

Poor Quality Service

The site shows that it was founded in 1997, but the truth is that the service began in 2004, according to the Wayback Machine. I believe this is not the only lie on the site. I saw lots of reviews and I should admit that many people have used it, though it seems no one remained satisfied with it.

Among the writers of BestEssays, you can find residents of almost every country in the world, but unfortunately, not all of them can show proper command of English. Some writers violate the rules of English grammar, which of course spoils the overall impression of the site. And BestEssays seems in no hurry to punish them for it. The quality of services provided through BestEssays varies greatly — it all depends on the type of the paper you want to order. Before you order a paper on this site, you should reevaluate everything again. Unlike other services where personal communication with a writer is encouraged, here it is strictly forbidden.


Ordering -

If you have already ordered papers on other writing sites, then you’ve probably already seen all of this. However, a good, reliable system that many services have now, where the customer can study and measure the writer’s accomplishments, is not used here. The customer is instead assigned a writer by the system. You can’t see the bids, you can’t review the profiles of the potential writers for your paper. So, if you are not happy with something, you can’t change the writer. In this way, you may face fraudsters and not be able to do anything about it. So, if you use this service, you are in for a hard time. It is worth thinking twice before you place an order or create an account here.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security - BestEssays

When you look at the privacy page, BestEssays honestly admits something to you. They cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you disclose. An indeed, they can’t make you confident you will be safe while using the service. This, of course, plays against BestEssays. It is quite difficult to understand why they need a customer’s phone number, e-mail, or IP address. Imagine that after using this service, you begin to receive lots of spam and unnecessary calls. All this reminds us of excessively stubborn sellers, grabbing your hands while you walk around the market. Such an approach will immediately scare any serious customer. And because of this, my verdict is that privacy and security is on a low level on this site.


Despite the fact that there is a live chat here, support leaves much to be desired. Of course, you can contact them via the chat option, e-mail, or phone, and hope that the answer will come soon. Actually, you don’t have to complain about this — they will answer you within a couple of minutes (well, as a rule) if you use the chat. However, everything is not so simple about “calling”: this access option is presented only for US, UK, and AU. Should I mention that students from different countries need writing help? In other words, if you have questions, you’d better use the chat or send e-mails and wait…


The BestEssays service costs too much when it comes to ordering. Depending on the deadline and academic level, the initial prices can rise greatly. In any case, the prices that are presented on the site are not reasonable at all. However, according to other Best Essays reviews, their writers are paid little. The service is capable of hiring only unprofessional writers who work for a small salary. As a result, you will get a poor quality paper, but pay a lot for it.


BestEssays is a bad and unreliable writing website, and you will simply not find professional writers there. You will not get quality papers despite what you have to pay. There are a lot of customers who have used the service and who are not satisfied with what they have received. BestEssays can hardly be called a decent writing service. People who work here are not qualified enough to provide customers with decent papers. Before ordering on this service, you will have to think twice: if you need a quality paper at an affordable price, you need to look elsewhere.

Summing up everything that was said, I rate this service 4 of 10.

6 Responses

  1. Bruce Banner

    I do not trust this site, if you read the reviews, they do not seem real

  2. Catriona Hanson

    I hate writing, so I decided to use this service. Going forward, I don’t recommend this servie to anybody. I ordered an essay here and it was really shity. I got the lowest grade in the class!!! Moreover their grade are higher than on other service… it’s a pity I noticed that too late.

  3. Keeley

    I see that not me but others also ends up with a low grade. Guys, don’t order there!

  4. Roksana Knott

    this site has high pricing and unprofessional writers. Moreover they resond slowly in the chat.

  5. Clayton

    This service is an utter disaster! I received my paper after the deadline and they refused to make a refund.

  6. Joey

    After reading thorugh this review and all the testimonials, I reazlized that I don’t want to use this service. Thanx!

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