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My cooperation with AssignmentShark as a customer was such a pleasant experience that I will turn back to this service again. They helped me a lot to prepare for the exam and not to get kicked out of class and stay in for the next year. I was not on time those days, because I just found a new full-time job. That’s why, with this AssignmentShark review, I want to help other students that could be in the same situation as me. Let me tell you the story as an independent assessment of their assistance.

AssignmentShark Introduction


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Info about the company

As it appears, AssignmentShark has been on the market to help students for quite a long time. As I found this website, first of all, I decided to read the About Us section. This service has been online for over ten years, and as I saw later on the blog – the vast amount of samples confirms the tremendous experience of writers here.

Information about the company AssignmentShark

Their writers can work in any discipline you need – not only the chemical engineering that I was searching for. It offers essays, research papers, theses, academic papers, and educational papers. These can be proposed in different subjects: architecture, design, agriculture, biology, finance and accounting, IT, and web design. I noticed a vast selection among a wide range of issues.

Overview: Advantages/disadvantages

I want to give credit to easy navigation, which relieved me of the strain to seek information on this service. I was looking through the internet for excellent facilities that could help to write my research paper on chemical engineering. I tried a lot, but I didn’t understand any from the list of websites that the searching system proposed to me. When I came to the AssignmentShark website (moved from Assignment.EssayShark to the new domain AssignmentShark), I realized that here I could get the answers to all my questions quickly. The clean design caught my eye. All interfaces are built this way, so it is easy to understand at first glance. The home page shows the full range of services they offer and helps customers to choose the right one for them.
I was skeptical, but I decided to continue exploring this site and to try my luck. I created an account and filled the form to find out the price of my order (you can see the image below):

Advantages/disadvantages - AssignmentShark Review

You can choose the deadline, and it will be one of the most significant influences on the final price. The writer, accepting your order, will present a total sum suitable for both parties.

Prices (discounts)

At that moment in life, I want to tell you that I had the most excellent luck in the world because writers responded to my request quickly. Here are some of the writers who were ready to complete my order:

Prices/discounts - AssignmentShark

Here you can see the various types of proposals from experts. Some prices are higher, and some estimates are lower. But it depends on you. The lowest price doesn’t mean you will get a text with lousy quality.

I picked up one at a higher price because I had a short deadline for it – just two weeks.

Deadline - AssignmentShark Review

I couldn’t find how to calculate my order online, but I had no time to hesitate. So, after filling up my registration form just in an hour, I found a writer that suits my needs. My Assignmentshark prices review sounds like this: “Wow! Is it true that I can pay such a small amount of money for just two weeks, and the work is ready?” I paid around $85 for six pages of my research paper. I was in the second year of my college at that time, so the price was a little bit lower than for graduate students. The service has no discount system, but the choice of writers is excellent; some of them can do the job for you almost for free. Or for a tiny amount.

Money-Back Guarantee

I contacted the support service and clarified the money-back guarantee for myself in case the research paper will be not approved by my teacher. If your deadline is no less than 48 hours, you can ask for refunds. But I didn’t need it because I was always in contact with my writer.

Money-Back Guarantee - AssignmentShark Review


I wouldn’t come here to write the review on Assignmentshark if I didn’t get the best service from my writer. I want to mention that this web site works only with highly experienced writers with proven qualifications. You can check the profile of your writer and be confident that your work is in safe hands. My writer was a real expert in his discipline. I was able to tell while we were texting each other about the details of the order.

Security and Anonymity

I was satisfied with my anonymity because my college teacher still doesn’t know whether I am using papers done on my own or prepared by a qualified writer.

Quality of papers

There was a time just before getting the result from my writer, and I got a little bit nervous about the research paper. But I was amazed to read it after receiving it back from the writer. I found out a lot of new information about my specialization! It was so informative and easily readable, and I wouldn’t have written it better using information from the chemical engineering library.


I am glad I worked with this service. That’s why I got not only an excellent mark and passed the exam, but also I found new knowledge as a result of working together with a writing specialist. So, I gave ten stars to the writer, who I was working with, and also I gave a high rated review for

Conclusion - AssignmentShark Review

P. S.

Here is the latest update I found out about them: Assignment.EssayShark now is on a new domain called AssignmentShark – remember this point so as not to forget! I just checked up – there is nothing new on it, only the name of the website. Good luck with your studies!

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    I used to hate history lessons, but when I got my assignment from this Sharks – I am literally in love with this subject 🙂

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    Very easy to use and I can place an order here and don’t be afraid of quality of my paper.

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    When you don’t know on who to rely on in your educational process, ask AssignmentShark for help! They know what they do.

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    I’ve never meet so practical way to improve my skills. Thanks! BIG thanks!!!

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    Who else could help me but AssignmentShark? Sure, only THESE great guys!!!

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