AnswerShark Review about Prices, Writers, and My Experience

General Rating: 10/10

AnswerShark is a writing service with a nice design and attractive prices, and is managed by good people (at least, in my experience, the support managers are good people). I’ve written this AnswerShark review for two main reasons.

Firstly, I want to express my gratitude to this service — I know that positive feedback is important for any company that works online. And they’ve saved so much time for me that I can spend some for their sake.

Secondly, I study at a university, and I know how stressful and challenging college life can be, especially for first-year students. And I want to share my experience with you so that you have more options than just crying and slamming your head against the wall when your deadline is coming. - Review


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AnswerShark Review: Prices

Okay, I’ll get straight to the point — their prices are fine. They’re not extremely low (by the way, the lowest prices are usually offered by scammers, so be careful!), but not too high either. I’ve seen writing services that offer lower prices, but I still think that AnswerShark is the best value for the money.

Unfortunately, you can’t calculate your price without signing in. That’s why I want to provide you with this table so that you may calculate your price by yourself. I can present only expected prices per page because the writers may offer cheaper or more expensive options when they bid for your order:

1 day $33.40
3 days $26.70
7 days $20
14 days $16.70

As you can see, if you order your papers in advance, you will pay much less. If you already have a written sample but want someone with better writing skills to edit or rewrite your work, you may also apply to the AnswerShark writers. Editing and rewriting services will cost you less:

1 day $25
3 days $20
7 days $15
14 days $12.50


The writers themselves are the second factor that I take into consideration when I pick my writing service.

And I recommend you to do the same.

What I like about AnswerShark is that they don’t trick their customers. They don’t say that all of their writers are English native speakers who have the highest academic degrees and all the necessary qualifications.

In contrast with other writing services, the AnswerShark team doesn’t hide the fact that they hire both ENL and ESL writers.

ENL writers put higher bids, and ESL writers work for lower prices.

This writing service assures that the hiring process is pretty tough. Only the applicants who pass three tests (English, formatting styles, and a test order) can start bidding on real orders.

From the writers’ profile pages, you can learn a lot about each expert:

  • Rating
  • Orders finished
  • Orders canceled by this writer
  • Orders canceled by customers
  • Orders in progress
  • Awards
  • Orders completed in disciplines
  • Customer feedback

Taking into consideration all of this information, it’s not that difficult to pick a good writer. Plus, if you’ve already ordered a paper from a particular expert, you can request this person one more time in your ordering form.

Ordering Form - AnswerShark

In addition, you can communicate directly with the writers when you place your order. Thanks to an active chat, you can ask questions or ask for a free short preview. As for me, the opportunity to check their language performance is absolutely necessary.

You can pick the writer by yourself or choose the auto-select option. The service will find the best available author for your order automatically for free.

AnswerShark Review: My Experience

When I graduated from high school, I had absolutely no idea about what I would like to do with my life. As a result, my parents made the decision for me, and now, I study management. When I was a sophomore, I realized that this whole management thing isn’t for me.

I enjoy drawing, so I decided to become a graphic designer. But I still have to get a diploma, and that’s why various writing services have become my best friend recently.

So far, I’ve ordered an essay about crisis management and culture from the AnswerShark writers. And they’ve done a pretty good job. I have attached an excerpt from the essay, so you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate this paper:

Without considering the culture when resolving a crisis, there is a possibility that cultural insensitivity may act as a barrier to untangling the conflict. The public or the stakeholder’s culture must be rationalized and examined well in order to transform the barrier into a bridge. Just because the organization has deemed the proposed solution as reasonable and responsible, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is already effective. Elena Arau, author of the article “Considering Culture in Crisis,” quoted in her article a statement from the chief executive officer of Conversis, in which he said, “What might seem perfectly appropriate and assertive in one culture can be considered offensive and condescending in another. So simply translating your holding statement might prove to be a mistake.”

I believe that it’s a well-written and informative essay. Don’t you think? And I got an “A-” for it, and that’s much more than I had expected.

There were no problems with the payment process. But I want to warn you that the order can be paid only through PayPal.

The paper was delivered on time, and the writer made all necessary revisions as soon as I asked.

AnswerShark Review: Conclusion

AnswerShark has helped me to deal with a load of boring assignments on the topics that I hate. And they’ve done it for affordable prices. Customer support managers are polite and helpful, and the ordering process is simple and understandable.

As for me, this service definitely deserves your attention.

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    I always order from the same writer here, and he writes great samples. And I don’t have to ask for revisions!

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