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My Review for Advancedwriters: Sometimes Writers Are Not As Advanced As You Expect

Total Rating: 5/10

I am a third-year student of a financial faculty. I don’t want to name my city and college so as not to be recognized by my teachers. I am always trying different services for writing my papers and essays because I am busy working part-time. At this time, my first cooperation with this company will also be the last time I ever work with them.

I was in a hurry, and with the term of 14 days, it was initially on time, but I had to ask three different times for edits, and on the fourth time, my patience broke and I asked for a refund. One of the support managers said to me that it would be impossible. A more detailed description you can find later in the review.

As you understand, I am not satisfied with the outcome, and now I am writing this review for Advancedwriters to prevent other students from making a mistake like I did.



In this Advancedwriters review, I want to mention the vast amount of services on the website. I like a lot of the disciplines represented on the site:

AdvancedWriters Review Disciplines

Advancedwriters claims to provide customers with editing and revision services for students’ works, as well as papers with no plagiarism.

Also, they are proposing to use an online calculator for the price of your order:

AdvancedWriters Review Online Calculator

But I don’t know why the cost from the order form was totally different from the price on the home page calculator. This is the reason I am giving seven stars for the rating for services on my AdvancedWriters review.

Order Form


I want to give some appreciation to the developers who made the calculator inside of the order form. It is very comfortable for a student to be ready for further expenses.

AdvancedWriters Review Order Form

Perhaps this is the first and the last beautiful thing in my review.



I was happy to find out about the three categories of writers, but I could not find the writers when I clicked on each of these blocks:

AdvancedWriters Review Writers

It is difficult for a customer to know about the level of professionalism of their writer. There was no information on the person who was working on my essays. That’s why my review of Advancedwriters is an act of complaint. The name of the service doesn’t reflect reality: I am in doubt that there are actually advanced writers working here. You may notice in the order form that there is an item in the table about native language writers:

AdvancedWriters Review native language writers

I think that this is exactly where my problem was. I felt that my writer wasn’t a native English speaker, which is why he got it wrong when I was asking him for corrections. I don’t mind foreigners writing my papers, but I don’t understand why I have to pay 30 % more to get a native English writer. I am really unsure about the quality of Advancedwriters and am totally disappointed.

When this system picked the writer randomly for me, I was surprised at how unprofessional it was. My writer didn’t meet the requirements I wrote about to the support manager before. I wouldn’t be so disappointed if the quality of my work at least would get me a C or B grade. But when I got a D in class with this essay, I was baffled. You can read more about essay quality in the next section.

Essay Quality


It was not often when the writer actually followed my instructions. For the price I had to pay, I was expecting at least proper citation formatting, but I found many inaccuracies in the citations. My topic for the financial discipline was, as I wrote, “ways to overcome the financial crisis,” and I had to prepare it in MLA format. I mentioned this to my writer, but he didn’t take it into account. The writer could not even write the summary. The works cited section in the essay was also incorrect, and the title page didn’t even have a title.

I had ordered my essay on Advancedwriters 14 days before the deadline date I needed it by. I was surprised when I got it one week earlier. It was great for me because I was in a hurry and I showed the essay to the teacher the next day. He said that he could mark it just with a D. There was no summary and it had mistakes in the citations, and after three different times asking for corrections, I managed to get the mark to a C for the essay.

Money-back Guarantee


When I was disappointed with the quality of the essay I got from my writer, I found information about a money-back guarantee:

AdvancedWriters Review Money-back Guarantee

As you can see, Advancedwriters proposes free revisions, another writer, or up to a 40% refund of the total price of your work. That’s how this service works in reality, and I asked for the partial refund.



If I were attentive before working with this service, I would have paid attention to the small number of samples on the website. I understand that Advancedwriters does not use works as samples that their writers made for students on previous orders. Still, only four examples of essays is not enough to understand the quality of the service as a whole. It is also hard to predict which result you will actually get.

AdvancedWriters Review Samples



The testimonials are placed on the website Trustpilot — a special platform where users can write their reviews about services they use on the Internet. From what I saw, 85 reviews out of 128 say that Advancedwriters is an excellent service, and 12 of the reviews say that this service is terrible. There is something odd here, as these can’t be honest figures.

AdvancedWriters Review - Trustpilot

I think a lot of the moderators are actually working on this. That’s why there are not many poor or average reviews about The same concerns testimonials on the website. Despite having 18 and 10 reviews with 4 and 3 stars respectively, users can see only see 5 star ratings featured, and this image is too far away from reality:

AdvancedWriters Review Rating

I think that testimonials are a significant part of every service on the Internet, which is why I mention it in this Advancedwriters review.



When I saw the prices on this website, I was thinking that I appealed to a highly qualified service, as their prices are higher than on other services:

AdvancedWriters Review Prices

The 4 pages of my essay costed $208, my nerves, and my time spent at this service. This sums up my AdvancedWriters prices review.

Last Words

From all these misunderstandings described in my review, I learned a lesson: never try to do it all quickly and without being careful. The results will not be so satisfying in the end.

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  1. Chris Jagger

    Previous time they were polite to me, but with my last essay support service choose wrong writer for me and I had to change him. I asked support service to find new writer for me, but they said it is impossible. In spite of bad quality of the work!

  2. Bella Halsh

    It is better to create your own essay, than waste your time and money with AdvancedWriters.

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