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A-Writer Review: Evaluation of All Features

This A Writer review fully evaluates all of the service’s features and functionality, with particular attention to specific elements that relate to academic writing. I know the feeling that students get after using such sites. It is a disappointment when you find out that your paper will not get a good grade.

At first, the site seems like many other writing services, at least until you use it. It is then that you begin to understand that success is not what you get by using this site. According to countless reviews about this site, lots of customers eventually fail when they hand in papers written by their writers. “Amazing,” right? Further analysis of A-Writer shows that this site won’t provide you with an acceptable result. Let’s find out why.


A-Writer. Read this name again. Notice something? Yes, the name tells us that professional writers work there and that you will get a paper that will receive an “A.” Honestly, don’t expect to find here “A” writers. Because if you look at any A-Writer review, you will see its history has nothing good in it. It seems that they don’t want to gain a good reputation.

How can you fight with famous competitors who have been in great demand in the writing market for a long time when you don’t provide customers with quality writing assistance?

Overview - A-Writer

It is not surprising that A-Writer has a bad reputation. I came to this conclusion after I started looking at it in detail. This site won’t help you if you need to solve some writing problems. Why exactly should you avoid this service? Well, this A-Writer.com review assesses all of the service’s functions holistically, revealing the negatives of its work.

What Makes A-Writer a Bad Choice?

I have seen how many writing websites deceive their customers. Can A-Writer be one of them? I think so. The only thing they care about is taking money from students for papers of poor quality. When it comes to creating quality papers that are logically structured, this site just doesn’t deliver. Since there are lots of writing services, I don’t think that choosing this site will be a good decision.

And you know what? This does not end only with providing low quality papers. It is also worth saying that their prices are too high, and they don’t guarantee that you will get your money back in case you are not satisfied with their work. If you plan to buy an expensive paper that will receive a bad grade and don’t want to receive your money back, only then should you use A-Writer.


Let’s start with the main service of the site — the essay writing service. It is obvious that essays are the easiest academic papers to write. However, on this site, even the most simple essays are not written properly by the writers. So, if they can’t offer quality essays, I’m afraid to imagine how they handle dissertations. The papers there are not distinguished by a high quality.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - A-Writer.com

Imagine that you decide to order a simple essay. Would you be surprised if I tell you that you need to provide the writing service with your full name, phone number, and even your IP address? They even say that they have the right to share your information with third parties! What? Fortunately, they don’t hide this, and I can easily refuse using this site knowing that I will not face negative consequences. Keep in mind that a professional writing service should provide privacy and security at a high level.


Overview - A-Writer

The decision to present their prices is a noble idea. I think these people are rather brave. Admittedly, their prices are too high — not everyone can afford them. There are lots of services that offer writing help at more reasonable prices. A-Writer is simply unable to provide you with a paper at a standard cost, so you will waste lots of money here.

Information about the Service

If you go to the “About Us” and “Contact” pages, you will see that there is no actual information about the service. I think that many people like myself would like to know where this writing company is located. The only thing you can see here is the opportunity to contact with them via e-mail, chat, or phone. The rest of the information which is important for the company’s good reputation is completely absent.


When I opened the page with the order form, I noticed that it is really long and complicated. It took lots of time to fill in all the required fields. However, the main point that spoils the whole impression about this site is that you can’t choose a writer if you are placing an order for the first time. Without such an opportunity, you can’t get help from the person you want. I believe the reason is that they have a small team of writers. Of course, you would leave the site if you saw that there are only three writers available to choose from.


After carefully looking through A-Writer, I can conclude that it is a bad choice for buying papers. You will not find quality writing assistance here. The site simply doesn’t provide customers with quality papers. I think that they will not improve their service either, because they have worked in this way previously, and they still work in this way now. I can assume that nothing will change in the future. Needless to say, I don’t recommend you to use this site. Don’t do it — it’s just a bad idea.

My rating: 4.5 of 10.

5 Responses

  1. Ariella Navarro

    I didn’t finish my essay and visit that site for help. What a mistake it was! This writing company did the worse job ever, plus their prices are too high! When I get my so-called paper and so how many mistakes are there, I ask to give my money back, but they refused!! Bloody scammers!

  2. Amanah

    I am upset I used thi service. Thanks to their help, I got a low grade.

  3. Shamas Barlow

    This service just wasted my time. They sent me an essay that I simply can’t show to my teacher.

  4. Fiona

    I am shoked because of the quality of their writing!!!! What a hell!? Author, include in your a writer review that they write papers with mistakes!

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