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99Papers Review

99Papers Review: Going Through 99 Mishaps

Overall Rating: 4/10

Finding a legit and reliable academic writing service has become a real challenge these days. With so many shady companies available on the internet, telling right from wrong takes a lot of investigation and reasoning. My experience with 99Papers demonstrates how naive and mistaken someone can be in their seemingly “right” choice of an online writing company. It also serves as a lesson of how to not get entrapped by a scam business whose ultimate goal is capitalizing on the credulousness of an easily deceived customer. In this 99Papers review, I’m going to reveal the disappointing truth about this edgy organization that I happened to be lured into.

Company Overview

99Papers is an academic assistance organization that covers a large spectrum of writing services for customers like me who, due to a variety of reasons, show little regard for their studying. The service claims to deliver exceptional writing assistance to its customers as well as provide them with a unique writing experience. Well, in my case, what I went through with this company was indeed unique, only in a way that was drastically different from what I had expected. The company stuffed its website with promising and attractive statements that do compel the user to convert into a client.

Mishap 1: Pricing

99Papers.com Review Pricing

Score: 2/10

A company’s pricing policy is its calling card and defines its reputability and loyalty to customers. And this aspect of 99Papers turned out to be quite disgraceful, given the pricing standards it has established. The company asks way too much for its mediocre assistance, rejecting the common rules and principles prevalent in the online writing industry. Let’s view an example.
For a high school paper developed in 15 days, the service asks $8.50 per page. Isn’t this a little unreasonable in terms of the low degree of complexity that a paper of this academic level requires? I bet it is. Now, a PhD paper written in 12 hours will cost you as much as $39.69 per page! The pricing culture 99Papers follows is extremely unfair and diminishing to a customer expecting a dignified attitude from the service they use.

Mishap 2: Quality

99Papers.com Review Quality

Score: 3/10

This is another considerable drawback of being the client of 99Papers, but even more severe by its nature. The quality of my research paper largely conflicted with what is considered to be an acceptable and solid piece of scholarly writing. The person assigned for completing my order was way out of their depth. The writer obviously lacked the proper perception of what high-quality academic writing should be and had a very poor grasp of English. They failed to provide comprehensive insight into the subject my paper was dealing with, sticking to a rather non-academic and crude way of developing the scholarly work. As for the writer’s English, it was pretty bland and subpar. Throughout the writing, this “pro” was employing simplistic language that only demonstrated their poor skills in using my native language. The writer’s academic acumen and English proficiency were a far cry from the satisfactory performance that a real writing expert would show.

Mishap 3: Safety

Score: 2/10

By dealing with this mediocre writing company, you put your personal information at great risk. 99Papers implements a downright hazardous privacy policy, which exposes its customers to the imminent leakage of their private information and other malicious activities one can face over the internet. The treacherous ordering system this company employs requires the client to reveal their sensitive data such as full name, phone number, home address, and the address of their educational institution.

And while I could find some logical explanation for the first three elements, I was totally baffled by the last one – why would a company like this want your college address? All in all, I couldn’t end up with anything other than tracing the reason of this odd request to the company’s vile intention of giving its customers away to the university board. Funny as it may sound, I still see no point in the service soliciting this type of sensitive data from a customer.

In Conclusion

99Papers is a dubious and substandard writing assistance company. It simply doesn’t match the favorable image of a trustworthy organization able to aid a student in overcoming their academic pains. The company has designed a pretty likable website, including its fancy content, but this doesn’t compensate for its low-quality performance and the inhumane way its treats its clientele. All things considered, I will stay away from encouraging you to fall for this elaborate scam. And, believe me, the service does feature 99+ mishaps, but I’m just too bored to expound on them in this angry review.

5 Responses

  1. Malcolm95

    Never did I think I’d get ripped off by some online monkey business. 99Papers, you are true culprits!!!!

  2. Angela @

    no, never trust them, a bunch of immoral slackers. This 99papers review shows the whole truth about this company.

  3. Sam

    this 99papers review is one more proof to the fact this service is total crap! I had a very similar experience with them as I was using their wack services. After I order my custom essay on their website, they contacted me saying they wouldn’t make it before the deadline. I requested a refund but all I received in response was just ognorance.

  4. Eleik

    The prices were quite satisfactory but what I received in exchange was repulsive in terms of quality.

  5. Daniella

    I really like the attitude of the support team, but the dreadful writing made me go crazy!!

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