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My Experience Failing after Using a Writing Service: My 123HelpMe Review

Total rating 4/10

Once I realized I couldn’t pass my exam to the next level, I decided to ask for help from a professional writing service. I expected no problems from this kind of paid service.

But the result was like this: my teacher gave me a D for the paleontology essay I received. And I had to rewrite it by myself and then check the proofreading on other services, because the percentage of plagiarism was enormous from this website. You are welcome to read my 123helpme.com review based on my annoyance and disappointment.


Info about the Company 2/10

Once I found 123HelpMe.com, I was so surprised by the beautiful design, that I was thinking they were real professionals. As I read on the FAQ page, 123HelpMe.com has been helping students and professionals for more than 7 years from all around the world. They provide thousands of pages of original research without charge, as well as other free tools and services. They sell other research to pay their expenses.

That was the only information I found about the company at the moment. Also, it happened accidentally, because I never usually go on the page of frequently asked questions. I just had to go there, because I didn’t find any other section about the company. In this 123HelpMe review I want to say that it was naive of me not to check the information about the founder of the service and testimonials outside of the website.

Advantages 6/10

  • It is a fact that each work must be properly cited as a source in anything that you write. The biggest advantage I found here is the citation source that you can see in this image:

123HelpMe Review Advantages

Just note the info about the source in the special table to make the format of your citation perfect. Don’t be confused — this is the service of Bartleby, and I will write about it in the Disadvantages section.

  • Beautifully designed interface.
  • Access to free essays.

Disadvantages 3/10

  • There is no page like an “about us” section on the website, which makes me feel uncomfortable. Student have to search the information elsewhere.
  • The online-chat support is not available.
  • No information about the writers is presented.
  • I was totally surprised when 123HelpMe redirected me to the other service called Bartleby. When I clicked the “Get Started” button I was directed to the other website.

123HelpMe.com Disadvantages


123HelpMe Review Redirection

This seems like cheating for me because I didn’t find any info on Google about Bartleby. It is not honest to disorient the user when they want to use one service, and it redirects them to another.

Customer Support

123HelpMe Review Customer Support

Customer support is not working correctly on this service. I may be waiting till next weekend by the time 123HelpMe writes me back. It is disgraceful not to make a modern online chat, like on other websites — not only on the web pages of writing services.

Order Form

In spite of the earlier misunderstanding, I didn’t know where I should begin my order process: on 123HelpMe or Bartleby.

123HelpMe.com Order Form

Prices and Discounts 7/10

123HelpMe proposed me to use one month of free services. Actually, I filled this form on Bartleby’s service. That’s another confusing point that led me to take 3 points from the rating in this category of my 123helpme.com review.

123HelpMe Review Prices and Discounts

Other prices you can learn on the next image:

123HelpMe.com Review prices

Guarantees 1/10

As I mentioned earlier in this 123HelpMe article review, this service doesn’t guarantee you any protection. You can use a lot of essays for free, but it doesn’t mean that 123HelpMe will not publish your essay on their website as a sample. 123HelpMe and Bartleby don’t guarantee the quality of their papers either, and you can’t see the writer’s individual profile on the website or learn about their academical writing experience.

Confidentiality 1/10

There is no information about confidentiality. That’s why I am not surprised by the result of my paleontology essay. Maybe somebody found my essay because this service is free to post your work as a sample on their website. Be aware of it!

Writers 4/10

To get to your writer, you have to pass a lot of steps. I’d registered on Bartleby before my account was confirmed. Only then I posted the work and got connected with my writer. I was upset I couldn’t pick the professional that I wanted. Unfortunately, there is no such option on this site.

Testimonials 5/10

I didn’t find any testimonials on this website. At least, it is better to not have a review at all than write fake reviews. That’s the reason I am not taking all the points from this category in my 123HelpMe review.

Legitimacy of Service 7/10

123HelpMe says that their service is legal, and it is permissible for students to use any information from the website while they perform research. The website says they provide for research use only. The essays, business case studies, speeches, term papers, and research papers are presented for free on 123helpme.com. This website neither advocates nor condones any form of plagiarism.

123HelpMe.com Legitimacy of Service

The essays, business case studies, speeches, term papers, and research papers on the website represent original work. The original author maintains all intellectual property rights. Neither the authors, nor 123helpme.com, assume responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or any inconsistency therein. Any similarities to people, places, or organizations are unintentional.


In my final words, I would say that there is nothing to regret when you are a student just learning how to manage your daily life. However, it is useful to know that it is much better to learn from the mistakes of others than your own, as Quentin Tarantino says. That’s why some students using 123HelpMe review say to me, “Thank you!” for my honest feedback, and they avoid failing on their exams as I did.

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  1. Aaron Ethan

    One, two, three: help me to reed of this terrible essay from this service and get my money back.

  2. Corwin Nicola

    Thanks for your review! You prevented me from doing this mistake. Now I don’t want to use this service.

  3. Valerie Melody

    I was not totally satisfied working with 123helpme, that’s why I will try another service.

  4. Naomi Fabian

    Hopefully, they will write good work for me. I am newbie on this service and they are completing my first order. Cross the fingers!

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