General Info

This is a decent essay writing company, but they are not very big. As a result, they do not have a very big team. Their writing pool is not very big, which means that during peak seasons you are going to find yourself waiting for a writer to become available. It is also possible that some of your subjects will be turned down. For example, there are other services that will do your math or programming homework, but this company is not as able to provide such support. Otherwise, they are not a bad service and should be considered if you have a deadline approaching or you are struggling to finish your work.

List of Services

Despite the small number of staff they have, they are prepared to do thing such as presentations, article, thesis, CV writing, case studies, term paper, editing services, resume editing, reaction paper, and they will write any dissertation chapter abstract you request.


An essay at their professional level will companies cost around $19.00 if you want it in 14 days. It will cost around $39.00 if you want it in 8 hours. Move down the homepage and you will for find the quotation tool. It asks you to enter the type of paper you want written, the academic level, the deadline and the number of pages. Enter all of this and a quote is spawned at the bottom of the tool. It only really shows you one quote option, which means if it is too expensive then you have to alter things such as the academic level or page count in order to see what alternative prices are available for you. Their prices are a little steep but are not too bad.

Discounts and Free features

There does not appear to be any sort of free features or discounts, or if there are then they are hiding them rather well. They do have a money back guarantee, but you should read it carefully because they have a lot of stipulations about what qualifies as applicable for a refund. They also have a revision policy, but again you should read it because it is not as straightforward as you may imagine.
Customer Support

The customer support staff are not bad at their job, but the web designer for some reason though that a floating widget for the chat function would be a good idea. The website is pretty simple in its design, which makes navigation a little more difficult (because it is harder to find specific information quickly). You can click the chat widget hidden at the top right of the homepage, or you can click the Skype button to contact the staff via Skype. They do have a set of phone numbers you can call in order to reach the customer support department, but it is located nearer the bottom of the homepage, which is fairly unusual when compared to most other essay writing services.