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This is an essay writing service that you can rely on. They do not rewrite old essays and they certainly do not sell you their old essays (as some essay writing services do!). They offer you a higher quality essay at a price that a student can afford. They have such a large pool of writers that they are able to offer great quality without charging a lot, as instead of keeping their writers though high wages they keep them through the promise of a constant stream of work (which is more valuable to a full-time writer). They are here to help you, and as you will see from their list of services, there is very little they cannot do for you.
List of Services

They have a lot of services because they have a lot of staff. They will do things such as your cover letter and admission essay. They will also take on bigger tasks such as your book report/review, article, thesis, scholarship essay, thesis proposal, lab report, CV editing, research paper, coursework, research proposal, literature review, resume editing, speech/presentation, formatting, term paper, and any of the presentations you have to give during your time at college.

The quotation tool is fantastic for getting the right price with the right deadline. You can see from the tool how the prices go up as per the quality level, and how for just a few extra dollars you can turn your good grade into a great grade. Their platinum prices go as high as $48.99 per page. Their standard quality prices go as low as $21.99 per page. If you play with the toggle options and such, then you can find the price that will best suit your needs, even if it means lowering your page count a little. It is easy to use and you can pick the price that suits you. There is no obligation to buy if you use the quotation tool.
Discounts and Free features

Get 25% off your first order. They have an advert for the offer running along the bottom of the page, where it shows you only need to enter the discount code “Discount25” to get that particular discount. Click on the discount link running across the top of the page and it shows you the various membership options there are. You can get a bronze, silver or gold discount based on how many pages you order. You get a discount of between 5% and 15% on your order.
Customer Support

You can use Skype in order to contact the staff if you happen to have an account with Skype. You can click the widget on the website in order to connect a little quicker. There is a live chat function you can use too, and there is a toll free number for people living in the US. The staff are almost always online and are waiting to help you in the most efficient manner possible.